Not your ordinary massage

“Please lie on table”, the thai masseuse instructed Matt. He had seen forward to this all day after an business associate had extolled the place vehemently. It would be a nice break from his everyday stress.
He did as he was instructed.
“You new here. Where you work?”, the thai lady asked him. She was kinda blunt with her questions but perhaps that was because she apparently didn´t handle the language that well.
“I work at Omnitech, the big company outside town. Perhaps you know of it?”
“Yes Yes. I heard of Omnitech. Very big company”. It seemed to have interested in her.
Good pay?” Another blunt question.
“I do well for myself”. He didn´t mention his six-figure salary a year. The masseuse glanced at his gold ring instead.
She looked him over. Muscular. In good shape. Still young. Attractive looks.
“You will do”, he heard the lady say.
“Huh?”. What did she talk about, Matt wondered.
The masseuse put her palms together and formed a wedge with her hands. She muttered a couple of words and forced her hands violently down into Matt´s back.
“Ngh!”, Matt gasped. All of his muscles contracted painfully at once and all air in his lungs escaped him.
The thai lady parted her hands that was burrowed into Matt´s back, parting his skind and opened up a hole.
The inside wasn´t filled with any organs of any kind, all there was was void and walls made of flesh.

(Come out!), the masseuse yelled in Thai. From the back a petite and fairly young naked thai girl entered the room where Matt was gasping for air on the bench, not being able to move at all.
(Get in!), the older thai lady nodded towards the opened back.
The girl looked hesitant at first but she gathered her courage and went up on the table.
One yet hesitant look was rewarded with an angry stare from the older lady. (You know that this is needed. If you want to become something in this country you need to become a rich white male, not a poor Thai girl), she said to the youngling.
The girl took a step into Matt´s back with one of her feet. Matt groaned as he felt something was intruding in him.

Her other foot went inside his back as well. She was standing with both feet in Matt´s back now. The older lady urged her to continue.
The girl doubled over and crawled inside of Matt so his skin was surrounding her.
The lady removed her hands from his back and let his skin mend together again, trapping the girl inside of him. Matt groaned.
The girl,Chalai, felt how the flesh grew around her until it encompassed her completely.
Matt felt violated. Something was inside of him, and it was making him feel filled up.
His breathing was fast, inhaling and exhaling just small portions of air each time.
He felt how his limbs was fading out from him, he had no control over them. It was beginning to feel harder to think and his eyes was very tired. He just wanted to sleep.
He forced himself to keep his eyes open but he soon lost the battle against the impending darkness.

Chalai shot up from the massage table and greedily gasped for air to fill her empty lungs.
“Sngb sti xarmn t?w xeng hayci di ngay khun”, her mother said to her. Chalai gave her a curious look. “Mother, I cannot understand what you are saying”.
“I tell you to calm”.
Chalai nodded and got her breathing under control.
“Why can´t I speak Thai anymore, mother?”
“It happens”, Chalai´s mother said and made a dismissive gesture with her hand.
By now Chalai noted that she didn´t speak with her usual broken english anymore. Her pronuounciaton was much, much better.
She began to take note of her body. She was so much bigger now, at least two heads taller than before. Her hands moved around her chest and found her breasts missing. Her right hand continued downwards towards the groin where she encountered male genitalia. She removed her hand quick as a flash.
Her mind was starting to sync up with her body, she was a he now.
The more he thought of it, the better it felt. Memories entered his brain. He had a good job and was in line for an promotion at the biggest company in town.
“You satisfied?”, his mother wondered.
“Yes mother, I´m satisfied”, he said with a heartwarming smile.

“Good. Mothers want kids to be happy, not sorry”, she said with great content in her voice, “Just like sister Chonnasorn”


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