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Love and kisses

I had to be born in this body not my bitch sister. Well it doesn’t matter now, thanks to the magic coin now she is at summer camp while I’m here in her body for all summer. I’m going to truly enjoy, finally I can decide how to dress her up now this is my body, maybe I’ll keep it forever who knows … Read more

Not your ordinary massage

“Please lie on table”, the thai masseuse instructed Matt. He had seen forward to this all day after an business associate had extolled the place vehemently. It would be a nice break from his everyday stress.
He did as he was instructed.
“You new here. Where you work?”, the thai lady asked him. She was kinda blunt with her questions but perhaps that was because she apparently didn´t handle the language that well.
“I work at Omnitech, the big company outside town. Perhaps you know of it?”
“Yes Yes. I heard of Omnitech. Very big company”. It seemed to have interested in her.
Good pay?” Another blunt question.
“I do well for myself”. He didn´t mention his six-figure salary a year. The masseuse glanced at his gold ring instead.
She looked him over. Muscular. In good shape. Still young. Attractive looks.
“You will do”, he heard the lady say.
“Huh?”. What did she talk about, Matt wondered.
The masseuse put her palms together and formed a wedge with her hands. She muttered a couple of words and forced her hands violently down into Matt´s back.
“Ngh!”, Matt gasped. All of his muscles contracted painfully at once and all air in his lungs escaped him.
The thai lady parted her hands that was burrowed into Matt´s back, parting his skind and opened up a hole.
The inside wasn´t filled with any organs of any kind, all there was was void and walls made of flesh. Read more

All I could see

Every time he rammed his cock inside my new pussy, I would forget some details about my old life, that was now his.
Whoever that person was, he had stolen my identity, my life, and made me his slut.
I was just going back from work — I can’t even remember what job I had — when I felt dizzy and passed out. When waking up, I had two giant tits on my chest, long hair, and was tied up.
Soon, someone looking exactly like me came in, and explained the situation. It was too late to do anything, my mind had already started to change. And I could feel it. I felt extremely attracted to my old body, so I didn’t complain when he asked me to kneel on the bed…
Now everything is blur. I can’t remember if I had a wife, children, friends… All I could see was him. My master.

From Homeless to Hot girl

I was a homeless person on the street when one day a man gave me a coin saying it was magic,It has always went wrong in my life, I lost my job and I have never had a family, I always gave my best but I always had bad luck.
This magic coin could change my life, start over again, but I wanted to be different, I I did not want to work hard like in my entire life.
So when I saw this beautiful girl passing me close, looking at me disgusted,I wished to be like her, beautiful, young, rich with a boyfriend who loves her. As soon I thought this I was no longer staring at her perfect ass but the world changed and I found myself in his place disoriented. I looked around and turning back I saw my old dirt body on the floor looking at me with a look of terror I could not help but smile thinking that I had her body and her life.
“Something wrong babe?” said her boyfriend to me. Suddenly I knew his name, and the most important moments of my new life, I could not help but smile again.
“No, absolutely nothing, I’ve never felt better,” I replied and gave him the most passionate kiss of my life. it felt so good, I felt all his love for me. I gave a last look at my old body that had not yet understood what had happened and I went away swinging my hips to give her one last look at her old gorgeous body. Read more