Know Your Curse

Dave now knew he had made a terrible mistake. A mistake that was likely to kill him. Dave had been growing resentful of Tim, his roommate and one time friend and his success with women, when he found the ancient manuscript. Though only half understanding the poorly translated text, Dave was able to determine it was a book of ancient curses. Then one evening while Dave sat studying the manuscript, Tim walked through and announced he had another date that night. In a fit of jealous pique, Dave cast a random curse from the manuscript at Tim. To Dave’s delight, the curse took and Tim was changed into a woman. She was blonde and curvy, busty and insatiable and Dave took her there on the floor. In fact, he took her repeatedly. Like a junkie needs his heroin, Dave needed Tim’s pussy. He couldn’t stop if he wanted too. Which he didn’t. For days they fucked. Never stopping. Not for food or rest. But where Tim seemed to thrive on the constant influx of Dave’s semen, Dave began to wither away. He lost nearly 60 pounds, yet he fucked on. He became pale and anemic as blood was shunted from the rest of his body to feed his engorged cock. Now he was developing chest pains. To late, Dave realized the true nature of the curse and that was to get exactly what you think you want.


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