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Seeing it from another angle

Carla didn´t think it was possible being so aroused like she was now in her boyfriends body. An magical artifact had swapped their bodies a couple of days ago and now they were in the bed together and about to have intercourse. Read more

Ultimate App: Always ask for permission

Nathan and Tina, boyfriend and girlfriend, had already played around a bit with the Ultimate App, a phone application that will let you change anything about you, ranging from the size of your foot to your preferred choice of candy.
It had been harmless fun and Nathan began to realise what power he wielded in that little phone. Read more

MAU – You will like it

“Let me change you just once! Pretty please! Pretty pretty please!”
Caroline have tried to convince her boyfriend to let her decide what her boyfriend David should look like, using the Morphic Adaptation Unit. She have been on him most of the day and his willpower to resist was crumbling. Read more

The closet

Tim was ecstatic the great shift had left him in the body of his sister Rebecca . So far he was loving it his sister who was in his body wasn’t though she would not let Tim were any of her clothes or makeup. Rebecca was convinced the great shift would revert soon so she didn’t want her brother messing with her stuff. A few months passed and Tim was still in Rebeccas body and was probably going to be like that forever. He didn’t mind though she was now Rebecca she could pick on her younger brother and wear her own clothes. The only reason that Rebecca let Tim wear her clothes is that her mind in Tim’s body adapted and didn’t care what his sister did. Tim hoped the great shift would never be reversed. He entered his new bedroom after a refreshing shower and wondered what clothes she would wear.

Request for @Awruk88

When Martin (16) swapped bodies with his childhood crush who is also his neighbour, Amanda (22). He was amazed he was in her body to start with. Who would of thought that the ring would work? It’s a dream come true. Martin had never once seen Amanda in the nude and he had never been aware of how incredibly sexy she truly was. Her long brown her running down the back of her smoothly shaven body. There thought of going back to his own body never occurred to Martin he intended to be a she and be Amanda forever. Life couldn’t be better.

Not your ordinary massage

“Please lie on table”, the thai masseuse instructed Matt. He had seen forward to this all day after an business associate had extolled the place vehemently. It would be a nice break from his everyday stress.
He did as he was instructed.
“You new here. Where you work?”, the thai lady asked him. She was kinda blunt with her questions but perhaps that was because she apparently didn´t handle the language that well.
“I work at Omnitech, the big company outside town. Perhaps you know of it?”
“Yes Yes. I heard of Omnitech. Very big company”. It seemed to have interested in her.
Good pay?” Another blunt question.
“I do well for myself”. He didn´t mention his six-figure salary a year. The masseuse glanced at his gold ring instead.
She looked him over. Muscular. In good shape. Still young. Attractive looks.
“You will do”, he heard the lady say.
“Huh?”. What did she talk about, Matt wondered.
The masseuse put her palms together and formed a wedge with her hands. She muttered a couple of words and forced her hands violently down into Matt´s back.
“Ngh!”, Matt gasped. All of his muscles contracted painfully at once and all air in his lungs escaped him.
The thai lady parted her hands that was burrowed into Matt´s back, parting his skind and opened up a hole.
The inside wasn´t filled with any organs of any kind, all there was was void and walls made of flesh. Read more

No way to treat a woman

“Where’s Greg?” Emily asked as she returned to the table from the bathroom. The music in the club was blasting pretty loud and it was hard to hear. Read more

They Aren’t Even Attractive

“Honestly Natalie, how do you find dicks attractive? I have one of my own and I’ll tell ya first, they are nasty.” Jake said with disgust. Him and Natalie have been friends since middle school, so conversations much like this have happened before. But this time things somehow seemed a lot more serious.. Read more