No way to treat a woman

“Where’s Greg?” Emily asked as she returned to the table from the bathroom. The music in the club was blasting pretty loud and it was hard to hear.

“*Grace* stepped out for some fresh air with that nice young man who kept buying her drinks.” Mark replied.

“Again? Jeez, how many guys does that make tonight?”

“Only three, but it’s not even midnight yet.” Mark swirled his drink and an image appeared in it. Grace bend against the wall outside, getting pounded by a man in the alley in the back of the club.

“I’m still surprised you did that to your best friend.” Emily said loudly.

Mark shrugged, “He was an asshole. When you and I broke up and he wanted to ask you out, I thought about all the times he’d hung out with us while we were dating. You always got along, so I figured, why not? Then when he broke your heart-”

“It wasn’t that bad.” Emily shot back quickly

“You came to me crying, saying he broke up with you after you had sex, via text message no less!”

“Ok, I was pretty upset, I thought he really liked me is all.”

“That’s no way to treat a woman. So now he’s a woman until he learns that lesson.”

“And how is fucking dozens of guys going to teach that lesson?”

“I believe he thinks he needs to get dumped after having sex to learn the lesson.”

“He has to go on a date before he can break up with someone! This is just random sex! You can’t experience real heartbreak that way!” Emily said and pointed to the image in Mark’s drink.

“I may have also boosted his libido a little bit.” Mark said and swirled his drink and the image vanished.

“What if Greg never really falls for a guy? Or what if he falls for a guy and the guy is nice?

“Then I guess he’ll stay a girl forever. One less asshole in the world and one more horny slut.”

“That’s a little chauvinistic, isn’t it?”

“You know what, fine.” Mark raised his hand and pointed it at Emily. She shivered and looked down to see her cleavage vanish and her blouse morph into a dark men’s shirt. “If it’s chauvinist, you can at least take advantage of the situation now. Maybe you’ll be the nice guy.” Mark said and stood up and left.

Emily sat there stunned looking down at her new male body. No one had noticed of course. She glanced up and saw the door creek open. Grace entered ahead of a guy, her hair a mess. She looked so hot…

Maybe she’d be that guy, Emily thought to herself. But one thing was sure. She was going to try and get a piece of that ass tonight.


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