Nice try

“Still nothing” Andrea laughed, seeing her uncle Jim struggling with some kind of a device. “It must work” Jim tried again and pointed the device at her. “Still a girl” Andrea smiled. “Come on uncle, i’m not the naive little girl i used to be. You won’t fool me anymore with your stories” She came up closer. “No. I must change you back. You’re not a girl you’re a grown up man” Jim opened the device trying to fix it. “Really? Can’t you came up with something more believable. Me an adult man? This sounds crazy” Andrea didn’t belive her uncle no matter how hard he tried to convine her. “But it is true. I accidentaly turned you into a teenage girl, using this remote. You’re not Andrea, you’re Andrew, my big brother” Jim hoped she will belive him. Andrea shook her head “oh dear uncle, then how do you explain the fact i remember being a girl my whole life? I even still have my favorite doll from when i was little” Andrea put her hands on her hips. “Those memories are fake” Jim said. “Really? My parents are also fake? Keep trying uncle” Andrea was amused by her uncle’s struggle. “Here i show you” Jim took his phone and gave it to her. “I see. It was a year ago at aunt’s Rachel wedding, what about it?” She gave him a confused look. “Wait what?” Jim snapped the phone from her hands. He looked at the picture showing himself and Andrea. “That’s not possible” He mumbled. He clearly remembers this day, it was Andrew’s wedding with Rachel. How in the hell the remote could change reality? “It was fun uncle Jim but i think that’s enough of your jokes for today. I’m going to my room, tomorow i have an important test and i’m going to study with Katie. See you later uncle” She waved cheerfully and left. Jim still tried to fix the damn remote. If he would have knew it will mess things up so badly he would never try it on his brother.


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