The secret life of the new Supergirl

Mike had a lot to get used to after he was accidentally struck by Lex Luthor’s mind exchanging ray when he was fighting Superman and Supergirl. Superman had crushed the gun swiftly after Lex had shot me and Superman’s cousin Kara, not knowing that he was dooming the two of us to live each others lives.

Later, after Lex was safely locked up yet again, Kara and I trained each other in how to live as the opposite gender. It seems like there was a lot less for her to learn in my old male body than there was for me, being suddenly not only a woman, but a Kryptonian superhero to boot!

Now, here I am, a month later, in civilian clothes, but trying to put on shoes. I guess I should make sure at least one foot is touching the ground. If anyone looked closely, they’d be suspicious.

Just another day in my new life, as Supergirl.


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