New Job, New Me

My parents had been on my case about getting a job for the summer, but they did not understand how rough the job market was. I was thrilled to finally get an offer at Disneyland. It was going to be minimum wage, just taking tickets at the entrance, but it was a job.

A few weeks in, a manager pulled me aside and asked if I could work in a costume for a few weeks since they were short. I figured I’d get to be Aladdin or something, but when I showed up to get prepped, It was a Snow White costume and Wig, still in a bag delivered from some place called Bella’s Costumes.

The makeup artist grabbed my hand, pulled me into a changing room, and gave me the costume. “Get dressed quickly please, we are short on Princesses today”.
“I think something may have been mixed up, I should talk to the manager.”
“Just put on the costume and suck it up, talk to him this afternoon. If you do well today you may get promoted to costume work full time, which is double what you are making now. “
“But won’t I just look like a boy in a dress?”
“I’ll make sure that isn’t the case” she said with a wink.

I figured I should suck it up, just for the day. I was sure that after one day they would let me be a male character if I did well. So I grabbed the dress, and awkwardly slid myself into it, then put on the wig.

I looked in the mirror. My boobs looked great. Wait, my boobs? I don’t have boobs. And why is my waist so slender. Where did my facial hair go? Why doesn’t this wig feel like a wig anymore? Is my face different? Was I just imagining things? But then I felt something odd down below- I reached my hands down. I had a vagina.

Well of course I have vagina, I’m a woman. Why was I freaking out about doing this? I look great. My parents named me Snow because of the movie, and now here I am finally getting to professionally be Snow White at Disney Land.

“How’s everything going in there Snow?” the makeup artist asked.
I walked out and give her a twirl. She smiled at me.
“You look great hun, lets just touch up the makeup”
After a few minutes I was headed out to walk around the park. I was particularly proud of how good my lipstick looked!

This picture of me was taken when I noticed the Prince standing a ways down the street. He was hot. He came over, held me, and planted a kiss on my lips.
“Looking forward to our date after work today Snow.”
He was so handsome. What were the chances that I would find my own Prince Charming at work like this? I love my new job, and I love my fairytale romance.


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