New clothes

Luke (18) went upstairs to ask his sister Jane (23) if she could help him with his homework.
When he went into her room she wasn’t there so he looked around a bit.
Luke noticed that there was a light coming out of her drawer, when he opened it there was a sexy black and white lingerie dress.
Luke wanted to leave but his stare was fixed onto the lingerie.
Suddenly he started to unders until he was standing naked in his sisters room.
He grabbed the lingerie and put it on.
Light started to come from his body as Luke blacked out.

When Luke woke up he noticed that he had two beautifull breasts.
Luke ran to the mirror and noticed that he was now a she.
Luke slowly moved her hand towards his legs as he felt that his penis was gone.
Instead there was a tight young vagina in its place.
Luke heard the sound of someone going up the stairs, it was his sister Jane.

“Aw you look so cute in that Lisa” Jane said.
Luke was confused, why did she call him Lisa.
“If you want you can borrow it for when you get your boyfriend over” Jane said as she winked at Luke.
“Really? Thank you Jane” Lisa said.
Lisa walked back to her own room and sat on her bed starting to text her new boyfriend Rick.

Lisa could only think about how good it would feel to have her boyfriend take her virginity.


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