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Demon Puberty VI

Previous Chapters (and mini-summaries):
1: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26682
(I turned into a succubus that eats manhood, turning victims to girls)
2: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26722
(I went to school hungry, ate my econ teacher, and my body changed more)
3: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26733
(I turned into my own harem and had an orgy with 5 new victims)
4: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26743
(A bi partner turns me into a dickgirl and I blow him, then tear her up)
5: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26797
(I become a slave to a Selkie, nearly make him my slave, but he won) Read more

I Just Wanted A Peek

It was the Summer where I lived and that meant getting to catch a peek on my hot neighbour Jenna suntanning outside all Summer long. I had been doing so for a few years now since she got her huge rack. Now we were both about 18 and I was very horny. I snuck up on the fence dividing our properties and put my eyes through the crack in the fencing to catch a peek. There she was, lying ass up on a brightly coloured towel near the family pool. Her hot body glistened in the July sun. Read more

Schule der Erwachsenen 5

Daniel (14) hasste den Französischunterricht. Am liebsten hatte er diese dämliche Sprache abgewählt. Als das seltsame Licht die Schule traf, war auch eine Französische Ausstauschschülerin namens Madeleine (14) in seiner Klasse. Er machte sich oft über ihren starken Dialekt und ihr schlechtes Deutsch lustig. Er fand, dass sie sich wie eine kleine Nutte anhörte. Read more

Tied up

The rope was magical in nature, meant to completely subdue whoever was caught in it and render them completely docile to their captors. Or so the label read. You had believed it a joke when your roommate showed it to you, laughed when he dared you to be tied up in it. You humouring Dan to use these complex and apparently useless knots all over your body was probably also because you had a buzz going. Read more

Saint Peter’s a Dick

Brad had a feeling he might’ve made a mistake crossing the street when he looked up from his phone in time to see the eighteen-wheeler slam into him. When he opened his eyes on a bright, blue abyss with a single stairway rising skyward, he felt even more nervous. But it wasn’t until he saw the dude in the suit coming down to meet him that he realized he well and truly fucked up. Only assholes wore suits. Read more

Damn Heels

I’m coming I’m coming, these fucking Heels are impossible to walk in, I’m going to break an ankle. Read more

Gym TG

Going to the gym used to be so simple throw on a T shirt and shorts, and lift some weights, not I not only have to deal with these Melons but also this skin tight outfit that shows off all my unwanted curves

Going to a party

“Just look at my ex-husband, the slut!” my blond ex-wife lifted my chin with her hand. “Got somebody’s cock inside her cunt and it damned sure ain’t gonna be the last one tonight, will it boys?” she said, getting increasingly louder as she spoke. The crowd shouted back “NO!” with hoots, whistles, and laughter. Read more

Listen to me

That’s right, listen to my voice. My sexy female voice. You can feel it can’t you? It’s making you hot, turning you on. Put your hand into your trousers Carl, that’s right, you can feel yourself getting hard for me. You can’t hang up can you? It’s just so addicting to hear my voice whisper in your ear. Read more

Super Bimbo

Dominik (18) war ein Fan von Superhelden Comics. Er träumte immer davon auch ein Superheld zu sein, aber er wusste, dass sie sein Wunsch nie erfüllen würde. Eines Tages fand er eine Pakte, das an ihn adressiert war. Er war ohne Absender. Als er es öffnete, fand er einen Zettel und eine kleine Flasche mit einer roten Flüssigkeit. Read more