Demon Puberty VI

Previous Chapters (and mini-summaries):
(I turned into a succubus that eats manhood, turning victims to girls)
(I went to school hungry, ate my econ teacher, and my body changed more)
(I turned into my own harem and had an orgy with 5 new victims)
(A bi partner turns me into a dickgirl and I blow him, then tear her up)
(I become a slave to a Selkie, nearly make him my slave, but he won)

My master had given me a few parting orders and sent me to the isolated house. It was where his/her other daughter Zoe was being held against her will by her ‘husband’ Joe. Yeah, I tried to laugh at the name pairing too, but my master’s orders wouldn’t allow it, since at the time I was under order to not speak unless spoken to.

I’ve never actually TRIED to get laid as a succubus, it always just happens. So I actually have zero seduction skills. I was compelled to go fuck Joe, so I just walked up to the door, and knocked. Zoe answered. I asked if Joe was in, and evidently he was around back.

Going around back, Joe was shirtless and splitting wood. He was a small man, quite a bit shorter than my normal body and this one, which was still the redhead that nearly turned the master into my slave. Zoe was taller than me, so she must absolutely TOWER over him. No wonder he had to use magic to control her.

Compelled to fuck him, I just walked right up and tried to kiss him. He recoiled. “What are you doing, Miss…?” he said implying he wanted my name.

“I’m Lucy. I want to fuck you. With your wife or just the two of us. Doesn’t matter to me.” I said. Since Zoe was his slave, infidelity should not bother him. He should jump at the chance for a threesome with the two of us. What man wouldn’t?

“Uh, no. I’m married, Lucy. And we literally just met.” he said. I knew how this was going to get resolved, I had to become his fantasy. But that required me to be aroused by him, and I was still SO FULL from my interrupted feed on the master, plus having already been full even before that. It was hard to get into that mental place. Hard, not impossible.

As I strung the conversation out to buy myself time to focus and fantasize about him…to get myself hot for him, Zoe came out back to join in. And that was right about when it happened. I felt the changes coming. That tingling tightness that told me my body was changing.

In a matter of 20 seconds I plummeted from around 5’6″ to less than a foot tall. I became blonde and tiny and scared. I was wearing a little skirt and blouse that fit me perfectly. I looked up at two skyscraper-like people who were looking down at me. I was the size of a Barbie doll to them. This was not the plan.

“What the fuck???” Joe said, looking down at me. Zoe and Joe debated what was happening for a time, scooped me up and brought me inside. I was terrified to my core, far more than I should have been considering how acclimated I was becoming to freakish things happening to me. I suspect that being tiny AND scared were both part of Joe’s fantasy.

I trembled with terror constantly. It feels awful to be that afraid for event a brief time. To be that scared CONSTANTLY as I was the entire time I was small, it was truly horrific.

They asked me questions, but I was under orders from the master to not tell them anything. It seems this was Joe’s family home, and in the attic was an old dollhouse from when his sister was a child. They took the toy furniture from it and made a little bedroom for me in a drawer.

Joe was fascinated by me, picking me up, holding me, stroking me. I could see the tent in his pants. Zoe was spending the whole time on her phone, not noticing her husband’s arousal. She spat out names of various creatures of folklore, guessing what I might be. She never guessed succubus. Evidently, the websites she was perusing didn’t know about the rare trait I had.

Eventually, Zoe went to bed. Joe stayed up, and came over to my drawer. “We’re gonna have some fun, Lucy.” he said. I shuddered in terror. He began gently undressing me, first my blouse came off. I dove face first onto the bed to hide my boobs from him, and buried my face down as if that protected me in some way.

He flipped my skirt up, exposing my thong and ass. He propped me up so my ass was in the air, and I peered up at the mountain leering down at me. “Please! Please don’t hurt me!” I cried and begged. This seemed to fuel him all the more. He got off on my fear.

“Oh my dear, I have so much planned for you. It’s all meant to be loving, but at your size, yes, I suspect some of it will hurt.” Having heard that, I cried more, and he continued. “I know you are some kind of folklore creature. I have no idea what kind. It can’t be a coincidence that you would try to seduce me given my wife being a Selkie.”

“As a normal human, I couldn’t believe in your kind, or my wife’s. I just fell in love with her for WHO she was, not WHAT. She tried to tell me what she was several times, and I thought she was joking EVERY time. She even showed me her ability to change into a seal. I just thought it was a clever illusion. A stage trick. It wasn’t until I took her sealskin that I could believe. Now, I am one of a very small number of humans that is capable of believing things like you exist.” he explained as he gently removed each article of clothing from me.

“Of course, she wasn’t stupid. Zoe knowingly left her sealskin in a place she knew I’d find it. It was the only way our love could happen, with her sadistic father controlling her life. According to Zoe, male Selkies can control any female, and that kind of power…well, let’s just say you do NOT want to meet that man.” he said, not realizing that I was here on that very man’s behalf.

“With her skin in my possession, she would live under my power…and my power over her is virtually unlimited. I have to be very careful with what I say to her. I can fundamentally change her entire personality with just a casual slip of the tongue. I once told her that she liked anal as part of a joke, and the next time we had sex, sure enough, she wanted anal. My Zoe is so fragile. I have to be so careful to not use my power over her.” he explained.

“But you…you’re fragile in a different way. So tiny. So powerless. Helpless. If you were my Zoe, I would be terrified of hurting you. But you’re not. You’re just some strange folklore monster that I can hurt all I want.” he said, ominously.

I was naked now, and he turned me over, placing my head on the pillow. He used just his index finger and thumb and pryed my legs open. I tried to resist, but he was so strong, I pulled muscles in my legs futilely trying to resist. I yelped with pain.

The fact that he had just told me that Zoe was a willing captive in order to escape her father did not escape me. Nor did it change anything. I was under orders. I was the master’s puppet.

Joe began trying to push the tip of his pinkie finger into my pussy. He was so strong he succeeded, but not without tearing flesh. I screamed in agony. I tried to push on his finger to remove it. It was a useless gesture. The difference in our strength was beyond huge. His little pinkie was orders of magnitude stronger than my whole body.

“I really do want to know what you are. Are you sure you won’t tell me? I promise to stop if you tell me. I’m so curious. You’re so beautiful, very nearly my ideal girl if you were normal sized. But being a short man, with most women being taller than me…I developed a bit of an inferiority complex. I fantasize about tiny women like you. To be with a woman that makes ME feel big!” he said.

He pushed his pinkie deeper into me, tearing me deeper. There was nothing arousing or pleasurable about it. It was just pain. He was getting off on my screams of agony. I cried and sobbed and begged. Just like he wanted.

He finally lost control, dropping his trousers, and pulling out his dick. I had been hoping he had some sort of micropenis or something. He was a little below average, but not much. He grabbed me, and planted my tiny cunt atop his preposterously huge dick.

“You…you can’t be serious!?!” I said. His cock was almost as long as my torso was tall. And nearly as wide. But he was serious…and he was strong enough that my tiny delicate body ripped and tore as he did it.

I can’t describe the kind of pain that was involved. It was so beyond anything a human can experience, you cannot understand. I can say, that I stopped screaming…mostly because with his first thrust, he crushed my lungs and every other organ in my chest as his cock reached my collarbone.

I know now that my life was protected by my magic. My body had changed to his fantasy, and that included making me capable of surviving this ridiculous event. My normal body would have died in seconds. This one was specially designed for this. But I did NOT know that at the time. Can you imagine my terror?

He fucked and pumped me. I was little more than a masturbatory tool. I was like a warm, living sheath for his cock. And finally, the moment came. Joe began to cum in me. And as always, I came with him, and the feeding began. This little tiny, hollowed out, miniature me was nonetheless suddenly in control.

Joe grunted and moaned loudly, the loudest noises made since Zoe went to bed because my tiny voice couldn’t carry even before Joe’s dick crushed my lungs. Because he was so large relative to me, this feed FELT huge. It wasn’t, I was taking in the same amount of energy as any man, but it felt bigger.

The noise of Joe’s grunts brought Zoe downstairs. “Joe!?! What the hell are you doing???” she exclaimed and ran over to us. But she was too late, and could only stand there helplessly and watch her man turn into my woman. My eleventh thrall.

Josephine dropped me, but the energy snapped my body back to health. I was still tiny and blonde and frightened, but I was whole again. That was something.

“Mistress!” Josephine exclaimed, worried about me. Fortunately, they had a very plush area rug in this spot, and all I did was turn an ankle. Josephine picked me up gently.

“What the hell is going on?” Zoe asked, confused.

“Josephine, return Zoe’s sealskin to her immediately.” I ordered my giantess slave. She immediately began walking towards the rear of the house.

“What? No! Joe! Remember, if you hand that to me, your control over me will be broken! My father’s control will be back!” she begged Josephine to stop. But Josephine now had even less choice than I did. My thralls didn’t obey me against their will. My thralls’ obedience WAS their will. At least with my master, I had discretion between his/her orders.

Josephine went to the bathroom, got the sealskin that was just sitting in the bathtub, half filled with water, and handed it to Zoe. Zoe began to cry. “You’re his aren’t you? You belong to him, and he’s waiting outside to take me back the instant he finds out I’m free again? How could you do this? You know what he’s like!”

“I do.” I said in my tiny voice, as it broke and cracked because I was still deathly afraid. “And so do you. Which is why you know I had no choice in the matter. Josephine, go out the front door and wave until my master sees you, comes in and claims his property.” I said. It was what I had been ordered to say when this moment arrived.

Zoe turned and ran for the rear door as Josephine went to the front door. I had no instructions to impede her, not that I could have. I guess I could have ordered Josephine to chase her, but I wanted her to escape, to succeed. But I think when Zoe turned the light on coming downstairs, the master knew it was happening. S/he was right at the front door.

Before Zoe could get out of earshot, my master bellowed “Zoe! Come to me!”. Zoe froze in her tracks, 15 feet outside the back door. She turned and walked back inside, right to her father as ordered.

The master was dumbfounded when s/he saw tiny me. “Succubus, your power is baffling. But who can argue with the results?” s/he laughed.

“Succubus!?! Where?” Zoe asked, looking around as if afraid at the mere mention of the word. Evidently, my ‘people’ are ALOT more badass than I am, because these Selkies are way more afraid of me than I felt like I deserved.

The master explained to her what had transpired between him/her and myself. How I had turned him/her into an androgynous hermaphrodite as I nearly took him/her as my thrall. My master’s version played ME out as the aggressor though. S/he sounded like the victim. Not that I could contradict that version of the story.

The five of us drove to the master’s home. There I met Allana, Chloe and Zoe’s mother, and the master’s wife. Evidently, she was human. What’s hilarious is that unlike Joe, she wasn’t exempted from magic’s memory fog that prevents normals from believing in us. Every time the words succubus or mind-control or selkie were mentioned, the wife would laugh and say something like “Yeah, as if that were real!” like she thought the speaker was joking.

The master explained to me that s/he didn’t need his/her mind control for Allana. As a ‘mere human woman’ (his/her words, not mine), she was captivated by his/her charisma. No need for blunt mind control. Only it seemed, now that the master was what s/he was, that charisma was losing power.

Within a few hours of us being in the home, Allana began questioning why she married him/her, who I was, who Josephine was. The master soon began having to us his/her power on her as well. This made him/her FURIOUS with me, to know that charisma would no longer work.

I was ordered to have Josephine torture me all night until my body grew back. And so I did. And so Josephine did. The master meanwhile took Zoe upstairs to bed with him/her. That sick fuck. I still don’t know how, but I am going to figure out a way to finish what I started with that son of a bitch. I swear it!


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