Pool of Desire

It looked so non-descript but Pete knew what powers the water held. Located in a remote mountain area inthe Andes, the pool was a well kept secret.

The stories told you about the magical waters that would make your most heartfelt desire come true after you had immersed yourself fully in the pool.

Sensing that he was close to his goal he could barely hold it anymore. He tore of his clothes, so he could become naked as soon as possible.
Nearing the water with a couple of powerful strides he dived into the pool gracefully.

Under the water he felt how his body became numb and energetic at the same time.
He could feel it happen.

She broke the waters surface tension and instantly knew that it had worked. She….
She didn´t of herself as a he anymore. Peyton loved her new body. The ass were perfect. The breast not too big nor too small. Her curves gave her a really nice hourglass shape.
The face was still a mystery, until she could find a mirror, but the nose felt pert and the lips full.

She began to runmage amongst the clothing she had brought with her. It was time to get dressed, go back and meet the world.


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