New and Exciting Experience

When the carnival attendant asked Jeff to step into the House of Change for a new and exciting experience, he was all for it, but his friends stayed outside, saying their were bad rumors circulating about that place, not even two days after it opened. Jeff scoffed it off and went inside. When he reached a strange bedroom, he squealed as his body changed instantly, along with his clothes. Soon he was a blonde woman wearing nothing but lace garter strap pantyhose, and four inch high heeled pumps. His new modest yet pert breasts were exposed, and as he fell back onto the bed, his soft round ass landed on a well hung man, as that man’s massive penis entered his brand new equipment.

Soon Jeff was being pumped into by a huge cock, in a place unfamiliar to him, but extremely pleasurable and sensual. Jeff quivered in bliss and delight, trying to resist, but unable to help himself off. Finally the man came inside him, and he had three orgasms, in a row, one right after the other. They were intense and sent his entire body tingling with pleasure.

The attendant walked in smiling at the new sexed up woman, “So, sir, how did that feel? Was that new and exciting for you? You’ll make a fine addition to our harem of girls, Vivica, said the man to Jeff how no longer was a man. Still basked in afterglow from the sex, the attendant escorted the new woman to the showers, where she was to get cleaned up, then put on her new outfit, and makeup, and present herself for the sheik as his latest conquest. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she was left to the showers, realizing this new and exciting experience was not what she expected, and what she should expect from then on as a part of the harem.


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