Ned Knows What “He” Wants

“Genie, so you are telling me I only get one freaking wish, that’s it,” said Ned, the mouthy flamboyant young man who knew what he wanted.

“That’s right, Master, I said one ‘freaking’ wish,” said the genie.

“Well, let’s see, I wanted to be beautiful, long lived, and rich, but since I can only wish for one, I’ll have to think. Ok, fine. I wish I was a hot slut,” said Ned.

“Granted, Mistress, you are now a hot slut, my work is done here, have a nice life, goodbye,” said the genie before vanishing along with the bottle he came in.

Ned, now Natasha, grabbed her nice firm soft ass and smiled, now an ample breasted blonde babe, who apparently was a slut now too. Ned somehow knew he or rather she was now Natasha, and while she felt hot with the fishnet body stocking over her soft petite curvy sexy body, she pictured a big large cock in her mind, licking her painted thick lips. Natasha caught a glimpse of herself in a nearby bedroom mirror, liking what she now seen reflecting back.

“I can get what I want now, as a hot slut I’m beautiful, as a woman I have a higher life expectancy, and like this I can become rich in the internet porn business or being a naughty escort, or even both. The sky’s the limit as a hot little slut like me,” said Natasha winking at herself in the mirror and slapping her own soft round ass. She was one smart dude, and now is one smart sexy gal.


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