Acting strange

“Hey dad. How was work?” Mike asked his father. John looked at his wife “Dad? Since when you are calling me daddy again?” He smirked and embraced his wife. “Oh, i’m just joking around” Mike was panicking inside. John leaned to kiss his wife on the lips but Mike turned his head and ended up getting a kiss in the cheek. “I swear to God Lizzy, you’re acting strange lately. You and Mike” He said and pressed his wife closer to him. “You’re imagining things” Mike laughed and tried to get away but failed. He didn’t have the courage to tell his father that a week ago he was messing with his inventions and accidentally swapped bodies with his mom.
“Um… John” Mike started sweating when he felt his father’s hand caressing his butt. “You’ve been avoiding me lately. I don’t know what are you playing but i’m getting some of this ass today” John whispered into his ear. Mike squeaked when his dad picked him up. He warped his arms around his neck, afraid that he may drop him. “John, what about dinner? It will get cold” Mike was trying to get out form this situation as his father carried him to his parents bedroom. “Screw it. I’m going to eat you for dinner” John said and closed the door.


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