Look who’s here

Zack was in control of Lexi’s and Jack’s body. They were busy exploring each others body and fondling each other. The door bell rang and Zack hopped up in Lexi’s body to open the door. Outside was Lexi’s buxom friend Summer. Summer was visiting from out of state. Summer had just broken up with her boyfriend and needed somewhere to chill out her depression. Summer wore a singlet which was straining against her tits. Her nipples poked from underneath as she proceeded to hug Lexi thanking her for letting her stay. Lexi brought Summer in and locked the door after bringing in her luggage. From the back, Lexi grabbed Summer’s pert bottom under her mini skirt and Zack transformed Lexi’s hand into a lubricated shaft which proceeded to slide into Summer’s folds. Summer was shocked but couldn’t help moaning. Zack split himself into two again and from Lexi’s body, half the liquid forced it’s way into Summer. Zack’s vision became three. Zack grabbed his new chest using Summer’s hands and started fondling his nipples through Summer’s top. Zack lay Lexi’s body down on the floor, Summer’s snatch was placed on Lexi’s mouth as Zack slid Summer’s thongs off and Zack used Jack’s body to get a blow job using Summer’s dick sucking lips. The three way sex show went on before he changed things up again. He started sliding Jack’s shaft from the bottom of Summer’s chest and gave himself a tit job while using Summer’s mouth to lick his dick when he went through Summer’s cleavage. Summer’s body was truly insatiable. Zack finally lay Summer’s body on the floor and started pounding her snatch with Jack’s shaft while Summer ate Lexi’s snatch out. This went on till they all came. Zack finally forced himself into Summer’s slutty body and left Lexi and Jack’s body on the floor gasping. In the bathroom Zack was admiring his latest conquest and took Summer’s purse before heading out.


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