My aunt Melanie (Part 1)

It was almost the end of the summer break. I was spending the last week with my aunt Melanie and my 3 years old cousin Timmy. I liked my aunt but she was living far from my home so i was seeing her only on the summer break. She was really nice and i considered her my best friend.

We were at the lake having fun. Too bad my uncle was on a busines trip so he couldn’t join us. I was swimming while my aunt stayed closer to the shore to watch over little Timmy as he played with the wet sand. Suddenly something caught my attention. I dived to pick it up. It was a very colorfull stone, i swear it was glowing a bit. Curious about my discovery i came up to my aunt. “Look what i found” I said showing her the stone. “Wow!” she exclaimed in delight and reached her hand. As soon as she touched it i felt a small shock. Like a low voltage stream ran through my body. I felt weird, like my world just shifted. There was something on my chest, my swim shorts felt weird what was the wet thing touching my shoulders. Then i saw… Myself! I or rather someone that looked exactly like me was standing in front of me. It was when i looked down i realized what’s going on. I had a female body, i was wearing my aunt’s bikini and whe i saw my reflection in the water i almost screamed. I became my aunt!

We quickly went out of the water and sat on our blanket. We sat there, both terrified about our sudden swap. It was so awkward to feel difirent parts of her body, i was afraid i could accidentaly touch something that i shouldnt. “How are you holding up” She asked me. “I don’t know” I answered. “How do we change ourselves?” She said. “The stone? It’s probably because of it” I said and she showed me the stone. It was now grey and looked like a normal stone. “What now?” I asked. “As soon as we get home we will look for a solution. For now let’s just pretend. I don’t want Timmy to know about it” She said. Easy to say but i really didn’t know how i’m supposed to pretend to be my aunt.
“Mommy i wan’t ice cream” Timmy ran towards us. My aunt poked me, reminding that he is talking to me. “Sure honey” I stood up. “Aun… I mean Mike, would you like some?” I asked. “Sure Mi… Aunt” She said. And so i went with Timmy to buy some ice cream. It felt weird to move in her body, especially the diffirences between our gender were very noticeable. I just hope we can find a solution very quickly.


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