The Wish Note

I had been on a road trip with my best friend and house mate Mark and we were heading home when we stumbled into this little town along the way. I decided to go and get us some snacks from the local supermarket while Mark found a little 2nd hand store. I walked back out with two grocery bags to find Mark standing, gaping at this orange sports car that was sitting where our car was parked.

Me: “Where’s the car?”
Mark: “This is the car, I found this weird ‘wish note’ in the store and it really works.”
Me: “No way, c’mon what did you do to the car?”

Mark started to look frustrated, realising that I wouldn’t believe him so he started writing into the book.

Mark: “There we go, I just made you really suggestible to what I say. This book is magic and I used it to change the car into this.”
Me: “Wow, that’s amazing!”
Mark: “Hmm, let’s see how far I can take this. You love doing all the household chores like cooking and cleaning, right?”
Me: “Of course, you know that.”

That’s when Mark got an idea, he quickly wrote down that I was “An extremely hot girl”, a wave seemed to blast out from the book and as it hit me my whole body shifted, I was knocked back. Regaining my balance I noticed I was about a foot shorter, looking down I saw my new killer body, giant mounds being supported by my new black bra, pushing out my now feminine singlet.

Looking further down my black cargo pants had shrunk to become black short shorts which now housed my wide hips and fantastic ass; My sandals had shrunk considerably for my tiny feet and they had grown four inch heels, I even noticed that I had bright pink nail polish on. I started walking towards Mark ready to hit him but was having trouble with the heels.

Mark: “Calm down! Also I’m not sure why you’re having trouble walking in heels, you wear them all the time.”

Suddenly I was calm and I gracefully walked over to Mark, where he was standing there with the biggest grin on his face, he opened the car door and told me to get in then got in on his side.

Me: “What’s the plan now jerk?”
Mark: “Well now I need to fix that attitude. Do you remember when you moved in?”
Me: “Yeah, we’ve been house mates for the last six months.”
Mark: “Room mates? No no no, you’ve been my loving girlfriend since highschool and you moved in with me six months ago.”

It was like my whole life shifted to support me being his girlfriend, I remember being a highschool girl and how nervous I was when I asked him out; being a cheerleader and that I was also amazing in music. Thinking back even further I remember being a gymnast since I was 7 but gave it up for cheerleading. I looked over at Mark and couldn’t stop smiling.

Mark: “Ok, now to have some fun” *he begins writing*
Me: “Ooh, what are you writing sweetie?”
Mark: “Oh, you’ll see…”

He finished writing and started the engine when a pleasant tingling feeling filled my body, he then revved the engine a few times, each rev sent a wave of pleasure through my body; I was panting from the pleasure, nipples went stiff and I was getting a little moist. I looked over at Mark who was giggling to himself.

Mark: “Don’t worry, only 6 more hours until we’re home.”


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