Fertility Idol

When I got home I set the fertility idol on my dresser. Some friends and I had found a weird magic shop downtown, and I had decided to buy this. It looked kind of silly, sitting crosslegged with its huge belly in its lap, its giant tits hanging heavily over the belly. It had looked sort of erotic at the store too, and still did even in my house. I peeled my attention away from the strange statue, and got into my bed to go to sleep.
I got up the next morning and went to the bathroom to take a shower. I looked into the mirror after stripping to my boxors, and noticed a bit of chub to my body. “Huh, guess I’d better hit the gym!” I said looking at my body. After another moment I took off my underwear, and stepped into the shower. Everything proceeded as normal, and even after getting dressed I didn’t notice anything odd, except for this new fat on my chest and stomach. The rest of the day went by without any excitement, and at the end of the day I laid down in my bed, looking at the idol just before I closed my eyes.
The next morning I woke up to find some other odd things had changed about my body. not only had I gained even more weight, seemingly overnight, but now my nipples had gotten darker and larger. Almost feminine in appearance. I’ll go see a doctor about this later in the week if it doesn’t calm down by then, I resolved. I went to the bathroom, sitting down to relieve myself, and went about the rest of my perfectly normal day, ending it again with a glance at the idol just before bed.
When I woke up again, things were definitely different. My chest had swelled significantly. I’d say it had become a pair of breasts, but that term wasn’t strong enough: I had tits. Big, heavy, milky tits with the biggest, darkest nipples I had ever seen. And underneath them was something even more frightening:
A huge, pregnant, belly. I sat up in bed, my new weight shifting awkwardly. My belly resting on my legs, and my tits resting on that, just like-
Just like the idol.
I got uncomfortably to my feet and waddled over to my dresser to pick up the idol My body almost perfectly matched the statue’s. Huge tits with big nipples, and an even larger belly beneath. I reached up to my head, and felt long hair. I set the idol back down, and walked over to my closet, feeling my tits sway heavily with every step.
I had only one article of clothing inside: a gown. I put it on, and realized it left my belly and tits completely exposed. “Good,” I thought. “A fertility goddess should not hide her greatest assets.”

It had been a year since the idol changed me. Everywhere I went farmlands bore crops, and women bore children. I, however, did not. My belly was in a constant state of pregnant hugeness, though with no child inside. My breasts produced milk constantly, but I had no need to pump it. The people would drink from them, in the hopes that good fortune would come their way. And very often, it did.


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