The Banana

“Baby no, don’t bite that banana!” I shouted at my girlfriend, my dick growing erect as she slid the fruit into her mouth.
“Alright, fine,” she said, grinning, but her smile soon changed to shock. “Holy shit!”
I sighed: I guess it was time to tell her. “Okay, that banana is special.” She peeled her eyes away from my member to give me a raised eyebrow. “No, listen. My ex was a witch, something I didn’t find out until the day I dumped her. It was in her kitchen, and there just so happened to be a banana laying around, so she cursed me. No what happens to that banana, happens to my dick as well.
“So doing this,” she slid it in and out of her mouth. “Is like giving you a blow job?”
I nodded, and she smiled. “I thought I had hidden it better, but I guess you found it. So just…put it away, please?”
“Hah, no, now I’m curious,” she said before she slid it back into her mouth, about two inches, and bit down hard. I screamed as I felt a quick but intense pain, and when I looked down I couldn’t believe it.
Two inches. My dick was two inches shorter than it had been before she took the bite. And as I heard her swallow the piece of banana, I knew those two inches were gone for good.
My girlfriend laughed. “Damn! I didn’t think THAT would happen!” Before I could react, she had taken another bite, and with another sharp pain in my groin, another two inches was gone.
“Give me the banana!” I shouted and reached for it. Our hands closed around it and squeezed, a feeling I felt around my own dick. It hurt so much, but I couldn’t let go, but AH!
I couldn’t take it, and I let go. She took another two bites of the now slightly smashed banana, and now I had only one inch remaining on both the banana, and my penis.
“Aww, look at your little dingle!” she said, getting nearer to me and flicking it with her finger. I winced, feeling a quick burst of pleasure come from what was left of my member.
I was shocked when she popped the last of the banana into her mouth, and started chewing. The pain this time was immense, and tears rose up out of my eyes. When it had subsided I looked down, and screamed, but not out of pain.
GONE! There was just a flat patch of skin, with a tiny hole in it. That was all I had left!
My attention was broken when I heard her laugh. “You IDIOT! That “awful ex” you were always talking about to me? She’s my sister! I knew all about this stupid banana, and all about what it could do to you. And now that it’s gone, well, good luck getting another girlfriend!” And with that she threw the peel at me, and left my apartment, leaving me alone with my new featureless crotch.


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