Everyone is so concerned with the Zeka virus. What they should be concerned about is the Xvirus. At the current rate women will outnumber men 1000 to 1.

I however saw a few opportunities in all this. One – I invested in a company that creates custom bikinis for women. Two – I realized that due to the shortage of men, those that are left would be used for breeding stock.

I thought moving to Vegas would get rid of the mosquito threat as it’s hot and dry there. Last week I got hit on by a really hot girl at the hotel pool. She said she had just gotten there and she came from Florida. We went up to her room to take things further. She opened her suitcase to get a condom. As we were having sex I saw a mosquito biting me on my arm. She saw it and said it must have been in her suitcase. After I came i passed out. I woke up half an hour later to discover I was now a girl. I had breasts and a vagina.

I went back to my room and ordered a custom bikini. When it arrived, I packed my bags and flew to Cancun with the girl I hooked up with. We were having fun on the beach and started taking pics of each other. This picture is me in my custom bikini. She caught me looking at a prime piece of beefcake. From my expression you can tell all I’m thinking about is getting fucked by that hot guy.


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