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TG Virus Pagent

You wouldn’t think I was once a man would you. I look like a girl. I speak like a girl. I act like a girl.
The victims of the TG virus pagent is all about celebrating people’s new found form. I’ve been told I’m picked to be this years winner. When I contracted the virus I was terribly alarmed. The doctors told me I only had four days remaining as a male. I was unsure how I would live after those four days had finished. I dreaded being a female, I didn’t see how I could live on the other side of the fence. Those four days were hard my body was gradually changing.
When it was all over I discovered that being a female isn’t that bad. I discovered that I was in fact quite beautiful. I fell in love with my new form. I loved shopping for new clothes to suit my body. It was always so fun. I learned how to apply make up expertly and do my hair stunningly.
When I saw a flyer about the pagent, I couldn’t resist. I spent all week planning how I would look. I bought my bikini and ensured it would display the best features of my body, especially my ass. I did my make up paying attention to every tiny detail. I looked in the mirror and decided that with an ass like my own, I couldn’t possibly lose.
I was so excited when I won. It confirmed to me that I loved being a girl and that I was better off this way.


Jeb… or ‘Deb” now, finally made it to the top of the hill. The formerly male physical trainer hadn’t felt like doing anything too physical after he contracted the TG virus from sleeping with his hottest female client. Deb’s big boobs made her back ache, and they were heavy and sweaty, but they didn’t stop her from making it to the top of the highest hill that she used to run when she was a man. After achieving that goal, she was ready for another one: trading her career as a trainer for a new career as a fitness model.

Coping (Copping)

“You see, Mr., er… Ms. Friedmont? Dr. Horner here was a man before she contracted the TG virus just like you and she’s perfectly healthy.”
“WOW, I can see that! Those are HUGE!”


Everyone is so concerned with the Zeka virus. What they should be concerned about is the Xvirus. At the current rate women will outnumber men 1000 to 1. Read more


“Honey get back here!”she yelled.
I was putting on my old male business shirt to go to work when my wife caught sight of my new body.
She grabbed me, slipped the shirt off my shoulders and pulled me down onto the bed while still half naked herself wearing just a singlet.
“Sweetheart, I think you better call in sick today, because that TG virus looks to have hit you pretty hard,” she said.
As my breast fell onto hers and our lips locked I thought, I’m never going back to work!

TG Virus in der Schule 1

“Sina, deine Lehrerin hat gerade bei mir angerufen. Stimmt es, dass du einige deiner Mitschüler mit dem TG Virus angesteckt hast?” fragte Anja ihre Tochter Sina. Read more

TG Virus in der Schule 2

“Ohh, dass ist also Dominik? ” fragte Anja Dominik`s Mutter erstaunt.

“Ja, dass ist er.” antwortete Dominik`s Mutter Sabrina. “Wir nennen ihn jetzt allerdings Dominica. Er……oder besser sie schämte sich am Anfang dafür, was mit ihr passiert ist. Deshalb versuchte sie es so lange wie möglich vor uns geheim zu halten. Leider infizierte sie dadurch noch andere Mitschüler.” Read more

Making it real

The news alerts were very clear. The TG Virus would run its course in 24 hours, people just had to avoid sexual fluids. Most people over 35 were immune to the virus so when it ran through our school the teachers had the sense to send us all home. I was 16, pimply and often picked on by the other guys. When the virus hit me I became a tight little fox. My mom immediately grounded me until it was passed but as she was a nurse she had to go into the hospital to deal with the emergencies that had developed.
The only other guy in the house was my stepfather. I wanted to stay like this more than anything and when he saw me I knew from the way he turned red that I could seduce him. I waited till after dinner as he usually went to lie down after a good meal and watch TV from the bedroom.
I came in naked and began to undress him. He resisted a bit at first but he was getting really hard. I couldn’t look at him but I started bouncing up and down on his cock. He’s got really good stamina and he already gave me an orgasm but I’m not stopping until I’ve done what it takes to make this change real. Just a few more thrusts and I’ll be the hottest girl in school.