Crazy Ride

I sat smiling with my hand on my belly. I couldn’t believe it: one moment I was a normal guy just sitting around at home, next thing I knew there was a bright blue light, and suddenly things were changing. I found out shortly afterwards that I had been a victim of a role exchanger, which had swapped my traits with some of my neighbors. First I swapped genders with my sister. The women of my family had always been of the busty variety, and I was no different, with large F-cup tits sitting on my chest.
Sadly they were the next thing to go, when I swapped with the D-cups of my next door neighbor. At least they would be more manageable now. After that I got the ass of the stripper down the street, which was going to be much less manageable.
Finally, the heavy hitter, I traded pregnancies with my other older sister, who was staying over for the weekend. So now, in another month, I would be giving birth to my niece.
This had been one crazy ride.


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