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Left Behind

Needing to use up my vacation days I booked a trip alone to an ocean resort. I didn’t want to go alone but being single and my siblings all have families and all my friends were being lame or didn’t have vaca time to use left me with little choice. I decided that since I was going alone the resort was the best choice as I could get pampered and lay on the beach and get sun while checking out the girls. Read more


Everyone is so concerned with the Zeka virus. What they should be concerned about is the Xvirus. At the current rate women will outnumber men 1000 to 1. Read more


I’m on vacation with my friends. Last night I went home with 2 girls from the club. I’m in their hotel room making out with them when the brunette says we’ve got the x-virus. If you lick or fuck our pussies you will get it. Read more

Resistance is Futile

Hi, my name is Luke and I’m 33 yrs old. I bought a house 10 years ago after college and the only way I could afford it is to have roommates. Initially my friends lived with me but over the years they moved on with their lives and moved out. I started renting to girls and for whatever reason it seemed only girls in their mid 20’s answered my roommates.com adds. I’m currently renting to Lana and looking for another roommate. Read more