Model For My Girlfriend

I love my girlfriend and I would be willing to do anything for her, or so I thought. She was a photographer who just got an interview with a modeling agency. However, she was told that in her portfolio, she needed some lingerie shots, which she has never done before. She planned to get some done using one of her friends, but at the last minute she canceled. That’s where I come in.

“Hey honey, I have a small favor to ask.” My girlfriend walked up behind me and gave me a bear hug. Like she always does when she really wants something.

“What is it babe?”

“Well, Sarah, my friend who was gonna model had to cancel. The interview is in three days and I can’t afford to wait any longer.”

“Alright, do you want me to see if any of my friends can come in today?”

“Actually,” she said. “I was hoping you would model for me today.”

I was confused. “What? I thought it was a lingerie shoot.”

“It is honey. I would turn you into a girl for the day.”

Now I was really confused. “What are you talking about? That’s impossible!”

My girlfriend took a step back and giggled. “Oh you’ll see Chris, but that name won’t suit you soon.” I started to get really nervous when my girlfriend started walking around me. “First, a sexy model would need to be short. You’re 6’3 height just won’t do.” She put her hands on my shoulders and started pushing down. As she pushed, I slowly started to lose height. Down to 6, then to 5’10, then eventually she stopped pushing me at 5’2 when I was a bit shorter than her.

“Babe, what are you doing to me!” I said, looking up at her.

“I’m making you a model! And models need nice hair and a cute face.” She started to pull out my hair like it was puddy. It didn’t hurt but it kind of felt like my hair was getting heavier. She stopped when my hair was almost to my mid back. She then started massaging my face. I felt her reshape everything from my eyes to my lips. She then pressed down on my adams apple and it just kind of went away. She held up a mirror. “Like what you see?”

I looked into the mirror and saw the face of a super hot woman. “Oh my god!” I shouted, and I was just as surprised at my seductive new voice.

She started to place her hands over my body and my waist, squeezing my waist in and then pulling my hips out a bit, giving me a nice hourglass figure. She rubbed her hands down my hands and legs, making them lose all muscle and making them very, very small and dainty.

“Almost done, honey!” She exclaimed. I got really nervous as she went for my crotch. She grabbed and pushed up, then gave it a slight pat that made my entire body shudder. “Nice and flat.”

I looked down past my flat chest and saw I had the body of a very attractive woman, complete with a new vagina. “Babe, I’m not sure I like this.”

“Oh, don’t be a baby, Chris. Actually, Christine works much better now. Now, for the finale of the transformation.” She reached for my chest and I stepped back a bit. “Hey, if you fight it I’ll just make them bigger when I get to you.” I stopped moving away and accepted my fate. She grabbed my chest and started massaging it and pulling it. With each rub my chest got bigger and bigger, my nipples also increasing in size. She continued to rub and massage until I had two nice, full and perky breasts. I looked down and my body shuddered. This made my new breasts jiggle on my chest.

“I’ve never thought my boyfriend would make such an attractive girl, and a well endowed one at that,” my girlfriend smirked at me. She reached over and gave my new breasts a squeeze which made me squirm a bit. “They are really nice and firm”

“Babe, I don’t feel right.” I said covering up my new breasts. “Change me back please.”

“No, not until after the shoot. I really need this job!” She pleaded to me, and I just couldn’t resist those eyes.

“Alright, if it’s just temporary.” My girlfriend smiled and led me into her studio as she handed me a pink bra and panties.

“Pose!” She yelled to me, so I did the best I could.


My girlfriend was coming back from the interview. She made me stay in this body just in case they wanted more pictures, so i’ve been a girl for three days now. My girlfriend came into the house!

“I have good news and bad news, Christine!”

“Please call me Chris, and what is it?”

“No, your not a Chris with those perky breasts,” she quipped. “I got the job! But…” She paused. “They really liked my model and want to use her. I signed us up for a one year contract! Get used to wearing and posing in sexy and revealing underwear Christine, because it will be awhile before you can switch back!


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