Too Many Questions

Before I married Louisa she was an office assistant downtown. I assumed she had an exciting social life which was no problem because she would never stray now that we were married.

Still I couldn’t stop asking her about her life before she met me. I knew she hadn’t been a virgin but I made the mistake of asking too many questions about previous partners and whether she had felt fulfilled. She didn’t like that kind of prying.

Finally she just sighed and said, “I’m tired of this. I think I will just let you be me for April 22, 2011.”

It was like I was disassembled and reassembled all in a minute, as a different person on a different day!
As her, I could tell that she was in good shape, had her marvelous body, didn’t feel she needed to be clothed on a warm spring day late afternoon in the office, and that she had at least one friend.

And I found out that she liked that friend to fuck her, hard.


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