Option Number Two

Jake was dead. He just died about 45 seconds ago. He was an older man who died of cancer, he left behind a wife, 4 children, and 2 grandchildren with one more on the way. Once he died he saw the major times in his life, his birth, when he first met his wife, and the birth of all of his children and grand children, with the slideshow ending at his untimely death. But Jake saw a light and moved to it, the next thing he heard was a calming voice, that seemed to come from no one in particular.

“Hello Jake, as you can tell, you have died.” the voice was so calming, but it boomed and echoed as if done on purpose.

“Are you God?” what better question could he think of?

“Yes, I am. And I am here to offer you something, a deal of sorts.”

“What kind of deal can be made with a dead man?” Jake asked humbly.

“I have two options for you. You can either stay here with me in heaven for all eternity, watching the world from above…Or you can view a person’s life first-hand, but not make any decisions in their body. If you choose Option Number Two, you will merely be an audience or a bystander of everything going on, but you will feel everything the person does. . I’ll give you a moment to decide.” and he vanished into mid-air.

Jake thought long and hard on this. Constantly reviewing the pros and cons of each. If he were to stay in heaven for eternity, he would live in God’s paradise, and be worry free forever. But, because he died on the younger side, he wouldn’t have any friends to converse with. Also, if he were to select option number two, he would experience life again, but would be forced to do things against his original will. However, in the end, Jake had to make a decision. “God! I am ready to choose!” he called into the plain white abyss…

“Hello again Jake, what is your choice?”

“I select Option Number Two. I love life.”

“Of course you do, and what type of person would you like to be in?

“Oh I don’t know, maybe a young American, with their whole life in front of them!” He was very confident in his answer.

“I know the perfect person” God smiled “See you in 70 years 8 months 26 days 7 hours 5 minutes and 55 seconds, my child…” and then there was a flash.

When Jake’s eyes adjusted, he felt the sun beating down on him. His body felt wet, and completely naked. He was right. God had placed Jake in the body of 20 year old Krista McDonald, a smart girl with a bright future. Jake learned to love his new changes. Krista was an amazing person, and he loved the way she treated everyone. Jake would go on to experience sex as a woman for the first time that night, and it was nothing compared to sex as a man. He loved Krista’s large ass and breasts, and the fact that she didn’t mind showing them off. She was beautiful. Krista had found herself a husband within two years. Jake loved this man just as much as Krista did, and experienced childbirth three times in Krista’s body. Jake was happy, and just watched Krista’s life fall into place. He could’ve never been happier.


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