Mixing them up

I had the wishing box in my hands. After looking for it for months, I had finally aquired it. I had so many wishes in mind, so many things I wanted. But I started to think about the sudden flow of bimbos at college. “Maybe I should find our where they are coming from” I thought. So I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote “I wish to find out why there are suddenly so many bimbos”. After putting the piece of paper inside of the box, and closing it I felt a short gust of wind. But everything looked the same. I then heard the door bell.

I went to the front door, but no one was there. I went back in, and walked towards my living room. I saw something lying on the couch. It was pink in color. I adjusted my glasses, “it can’t be” I said. It was a pink dildo. “How did that get here?”, I grabbed it before somebody saw it. But as soon as I did so, I felt extremely aroused.” If I were a girl I would be shoving the dildo down my pussy” I thought. I did the only thing I could think of, so I took a lick of it. What happened next was unexpected, at least to me it was, I transformed into a girl. A Bimbo, “now I can” I said excitedly while looking at the dildo, I jumped on the couch, and gently I started to push it inside my slit. The whole feeling was great. I sat there for hours, satisfying myself. My father showed up, “what are you doing?” he asked me. I didn’t answer, I got the dildo out of my pussy, and threw it to his face. In a couple of minutes, he was a bimbo just like me.

I can say that I did find out where all the bimbos were coming from. I was one of them! and my father was one too. And once my mom comes home from work, she will be one too, I will make sure of that. I sold my wishing box online, I had a new magic item that was more interesting than the box.


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