Suck on the Breasts of Femininity

Ted sucked on the Breasts of Femininity wondering how his body was changing! The woman, Jade, told Ted he would have to suck her tits if he wanted any action. He agreed of course, but was not ready for the results. His body changed, hair growing boobs enlarging, and a new pussy developed as his height decreased, muscle decreased, his hands and feet became smaller, his face cuter, and his ass and hips enlarged, among other things, making him a sexy woman.

Jade said to him to keep sucking soon, he would have boobs as big as hers, and then he could wear a dress of hers upstairs in her size, so they could go out and Jade could get more men. She wanted to have a whole group of woman to work for her, to keep the streets free of cheaters. Ted wasn’t a cheater, but she knew he would make a good catch. The ones who didn’t follow her were sent to a whorehouse, so usually they fell in line quickly.


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