The Audition

If you passed me in the street, you’d never expect that I was one of the most successful female porn stars in the business. Of course, I don’t really look the part: shrimpy, pale, bucktoothed – oh yeah, and male.
I had always dreamed of being a professional actor on Broadway or in Hollywood. But after two years of auditioning, I still hadn’t landed a decent part. I was about ready to give up when I heard about a special audition for a role paying up to $100,000 a year. It seemed too good to be true, which is why I was surprised that not very many people showed up at the little studio where the tryouts were being held. Apparently other people heard the news that I didn’t: the audition was to be in porn. Not only that, but unlike most porn stars who get to be famous as themselves, this actor would never show their real face. There would be no personal fame. Instead, they would be wearing a bodysuit to produce custom videos for wealthy consumers. Even though I had always wanted to be famous, I also really wanted to be able to pay my bills and buy groceries, so what did I have to lose? It was only when I got into the dressing room that I found out the other catch: I would be auditioning as a woman.
I had heard all about bodysuits – how they could make anyone’s body conform to their designed shape, no matter how different they might be. The bio-cybernetics also made it so that the person inside the suit could use all the senses of their costume, just like it was their own flesh. Of course, I didn’t think about how that meant I would be able to feel the weight of a woman’s breasts on my chest or the delicate caresses of long hair on my back. And I never imagined I would be able to feel every hypersensitive square inch of skin in the bodysuits moist pink pussy. It was a disorienting experience to say the least. But even more disorienting was the audition itself.
My instructions were very simple: masturbate, and bring yourself to orgasm. Now, I’ve watched a lot of porn over the years, so I knew EXACTLY what a male viewer would want to see. Lots of moaning and gasping; a woman groping her own breasts, digging long nails into the soft flesh of her thighs as the pleasure built in intensity; changing positions so they could see her with her legs spread, then a clear view of the tight gateway of her asshole, then her tits swaying beneath her as she rocked back and forth. And of course, they would want the big finish: a woman shoving her fingers deep into her pussy, thrashing as she pumped in and out, crying out in ecstasy as she urged on an imaginary lover. I had nothing to lose, so I figured I would give it my best shot. Lots of women fake it all the time. How hard could it be?
Twenty minutes later, I was peeling myself out of the bodysuit, trying not to focus on the taste of whatever fluids the outfit leaked from its pussy and which I had eagerly sucked off of my own fingers. Suddenly, the producer showed up and congratulated me. I had gotten the part! Apparently none of the other people who tried out were nearly as enthusiastic as I had been. The thing is, I had stopped acting about halfway through my audition. The succulent female flesh just felt so good that I got carried away. I don’t even remember half the things I moaned and screamed while I was writhing around on set, though I’m sure that you can download the recording somewhere online.
I’ve lost track of the number of videos I’ve done. Every day it’s a different bodysuit, and half a dozen different videos or maybe a couple hundred steamy photos. With my makeup applied, I give myself a once over in the mirror to see what I have to work with today: Gorgeous dark hair and eyes, killer curves, and a delicious round ass. And as always, not a seam in sight. I look just like the real thing. They tell me that today I’ll get to do a triple penetration scene: my favourite.
Now if only there was some way to make this permanent.


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