Mirrored reality (part 1)

I still don’t know why it happened, but one moment I was looking at myself in the mirror, and suddenly I was inside the mirror looking at what I can only call my realself. I had lost control of my body, I was doing whatever my formerself was doing. I was no longer real, I was just a reflection of myself. My formerself was acting as if nothing had happened, and I was trapped, doing exactly what he was doing.

The moment he left the room, I was freed, I could move freely, the link between him and me was broken. I walked out of my home, realizing there was no one else living with me in this mirrored reality. Apart from everything being flipped, everything looked as I expected it to be. I walked for hours or days, I couldn’t tell. I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t thirsty, nor hungry.

I walked inside the house of Emily, a girl I used to have a crush on. I felt like a stalker going through her things. Then I saw a mirror inside her bathroom. She looked a couple of years older. “Wait, have I been inside the mirror so long?” I asked myself. I didn’t give it much thought, as the fact that I could see her naked breasts on the other side of the mirror got me distracted. She had a red collar on her neck. “I didn’t know she was into kinky stuff, pretending to be a dog” I said outloud. I stood infront of the mirror, and I don’t know why, I felt the need to follow her everymove. She pretended to be a dog, and I followed suit. And then, it happened again. I was outside the mirror. But this time I was inside Emily’s body, looking at her reflection. I was so happy I was outside the mirrored world. I didn’t care if I was inside her.

I heard a man’s voice, a familiar voice “I am waiting”. I realized that the man expected to have sex with Emily… with me. “Coming” I said. I blushed when I heard how sexy my voice sounded. I got out of the bathroom, and found a naked man on Emily’s bed. It wasn’t any man. It was me, well, the former me, and he did in fact look a couple of years older. “Well, if I am going to have sex with a man, at least it won’t be with a stranger” I thought. I was so happy that I had finally maned up and started dating Emily. Well, the former me had maned up. I walked sexily towards him, and after he gave me a massage, and kissed my back, we had hot kinky sex.

A couple of days have past, but right now I am afraid to go see myself in the mirror again, what if I get trapped again?


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