The four steps

I do wonder what goes through their minds. I specialize in people transformation and reformation. What does that mean? well, that means a lot of things, but usually people hire me to take a person, change his or her gender and alter that persons mind. Well, I don’t usually change their mind, that comes as a side effect.

Like I said, I don’t know what goes through their minds, but they usually follow four steps, anger, denial, acceptance, and finally, they fall in love with the person who hired my services. At that moment I take photo of my subject for my portfolio. See? this is Amy, she turned quite hot, don’t you think? All my subjects always turn into hot, sexy and smart girls.

Why am I telling you this? well, because your best friend hired me. You don’t want to be a woman? that’s a bummer, you already are. And in about 5 minutes you will be thanking me, Kat.


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