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The call

The phone was ringing. “Damn, my roommate must have forgotten it again” I said outloud. I looked at the screen, It was Amy, his ex. Ever since they broke up, she has been calling him all the time to yell at him. I didn’t answer, but she kept dialing every 10 minutes. I was annoyed as hell, so I picked up the phone, and aswered “Look Amy…” I wasn’t even able to say more than a couple of words, when she started speaking in a weird language. The first words I didn’t understand, but then she told me some instructions, and I felt compelled to do what she ordered me to do. Read more

Not mine

I woke up, I was in a strange bed. I walked to the bathroom, I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked tired, like I had sex all night. I was wearing my normal clothes, a red shirt and some jeans. Then I remembered last night a made out with a really kinky waitress. I remember her being so hot. Read more

Lost & Found

Tim was a 10 year old boy. One day at the mall he found a cellphone, he wasn’t going to steal it, he just tought about picking it up and taking it to the mall’s lost and found. He picked it up and looked at the phone, it had a girly cover plate, he felt disgusted at that. He tried to unlock it, but it had a password. Just for fun he typed “1234”, and the phone unlocked itself. “wow, i can’t believe someone would use that stupid password” he tought. Read more

mind break

I couldn’t believe it, if the mind mind conditioning hadn’t broken off, I would have slept with him. Thank god that a few blocks before reaching John’s house, I realized what wa going on. I quickly fell to the floor, as a man I wasn’t used to walking in high heels. I looked at myself using my cellphone, I couldn’t believe how hot I was. Read more

Magic Cellphone Gone Wrong

This magic cellphone is amazing! I can do anything I want with it! I can change into any person I want, male or female, and all I have to do is take a selfie! Read more