The party (Pranked 10)

“Wait is this the men’s restroom?” I asked myself when I saw a dress and a pink dildo lying on the sink. I got out, and checked, the sign. “Yes men’s bedroom. Must be some kind of prank or something” I told myself. I went straight to the urinal, I just had to pee after all the beer I had drank at the party. As I washed my hands, I just couldn’t help but look at it. I swear I could hear it calling my name. I was ready to go back out to the party.

“Some old man will freak out if he sees this here” I said. With the intention of throwing it to the trash, I grabbed the dildo. I don’t know what it was, but right then, I got aroused. “Shit, I can’t go outside walking like this” I said, “I might as well rub one out”. I locked the door to the bathroom, and after taking all my clothes off I started going at it. It felt weird, like it wasn’t enough, like I needed something more. I still don’t know what came on to me, but I just felt like I had to grab the dildo and lick it. “Why do women find this attractive, it isn’t the real thing” I thought. But as soon as I licked it, I saw on my reflection how I transformed into a 5’4″ woman. I had a pussy, long blonde hair, breasts to make any man drool and any woman jelaous.

I felt the need to shove the dildo down my pussy, but as I was about to, I came to my senses. “What am I doing?” I told myself, “I must find a way back”. I couldn’t go outside naked, nor wearing my former men’s clothes. So I grabbed the dress, and put it on. I saw a pair of shoes on the floor, and put them on too. “Wow I am hot. Anyguy would die to have sex with me” I said. Then, I realized what I had to do, I placed the dildo over the sink. I kneeled over the sink, and I tried to get it inside with one quick motion. However, it was harder that I thought, I had to shake my ass a little. When it finally went in, I started to wonder why I had hessitated before, “this feels great”. I looked at my reflection and smiled. “I need more” I said. I walked outside the bathroom. Still wearing the dildo, I walked to a random place. And after taking it out, I placed the drooling dildo inside some guys jacket. I couldn’t help but giggle.

I immidiately after went looking for the hottest guy at the party. “Wanna do it back there?” I asked him sexily. But before he could answer, another guy said “Hey! you are taking him? why not take me?”. I looked at him, he was nice enough too. “why not both?” I said. This was about to be my best night ever, first day as a woman, and I will be having a threesome.


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