One night, I was at a party with some of my friends. We were talking about highschool, and remembering all the cute girls that used to study with us. “Remeber Gina?” one of us asked “How wouldn’t I? I was her first!” another one said. “Oh and sweet and innocent Amy?”, “she wasn’t innocent, she slept with half the class”. We kept on talking and laughing.

“Oh, and Kim? anyone remember her?” I asked. but no one seemed to remember her. “She was the cute exchange student. no? asian? kind of hot?”. Still no one remembered her. “You guys suck! I even dated her for a week! I wish I knew what happened to her”. Then everything went black. When I openned my eyes, I was in a whole different place, and it was daytime. I looked out the window, I wasn’t in florida anymore. I felt some extra weight, looked down, and realized I had a big bump. I was pregnant. Worse! I was a girl. I looked in the mirror, and recognized the face. It was Kim. “I wished I knew what happened….” I said without realizing I wasn’t speaking english. I heard a man’s voice, it was Kim’s husband. “How are my two girls?” he said, I raised my blouse revealing my bump, he then kissed my belly.

I don’t know if I will ever go back to being my male self. But for now, I am happy, happier that I had ever been. Today is my due date, and I can’t wait to give birth to my lovely daughter. But I am also sure, that I want to have sex with my husband, just looking at him gets me wet everytime.


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