Dominik was the daring type. He was not one to shy away from a challenge and loved to take risks no matter how big or small.
The TG restaurant was the perfect arena to display his courage. He strode in sat down and told the waitress to give him whatever she thought would suit. The waitress walked away and less than a minute later came back with a Milf Milkshake but she referred to it is a Milfshake.
Dominik almost finished the drink in one gulp. His body morphed rapidly. Within a matter of seconds he had blonde hair, long feminine legs, breasts and a vagina to suit. Dominik ran to the bathroom to observe the new form. It was then that Dominik was stopped by the waitress. Dominik had ran to the male bathroom out of habit and the waitress pointed him, or her, towards the female bathroom.
Dominik observed her body and decided that she would be Danika. Then the waitress walked in with a pink dress and told her to put it on and apologised that she couldn’t find a bra.
Danika caught a taxi home and began her new life.


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