Muddy mother

“Look mommy! You are muddy too!”

“Lyle! Get out of there right away!”, a small boy furiously yells.


The previous days of intense raining had created a new landscape around their house. Small lakes and muddy areas was abundant. To a small boy like Lyle this was heaven.
He was happily skipping around in the mud, playing like small children do. But his joy was abrutply ended when his mother grabbed him and told him to walk like a nice boy on the dry path and not getting any more dirty.
He clenched his fist in his pocket and grumbled that he wished he was the adult and be the one in charge so he could have fun.
The world spun around and seconds later Lyle noticed that he was way taller than before.
Rebecca, his mother, on the other hand was shorter.
“Lyle?” “Mom?”, they both said in unison, looking at each other.
Realizing he was the big one now, Lyle immediately headed out into the mud once more. His moms body jiggled more but he ignored it, at last he could do as he wanted.

“Look mommy! You are muddy too!”, he said and gestured at his adult body

“Lyle! Get out of there right away!”, Rebecca yelled furiosly. She was both angry and scared.

Lyle halted what he was doing for a second. “Nuh-uh. I´m the adult now. I`m in charge! Come!”, he said and dragged Rebecca with him into the muddy area, jumping around, splashing dirty water everywhere.
“God, I wish he behaved like an adult”, she thought under distress when someone triple her size was manhandling her.
She noted how Lyle all of sudden stiffened and stood up. He took her hand and began to drag her with him; “Come on, you need to get out of those dirty clothes and shower”. Lyle looked down on his own clothing. “Me too”, he muttered.
“Wha?”, Rebecca was flabbergastered.
“Come on! Sigh. Sometimes I wish you would behave like a good boy”.
Rebecca felt something invade her mind and mix it around. She felt how she was slipping.
The small boy shaked his head a little.
“okay mommy”
The pair took then hands and headed back home for a warm and nice shower.

Over at the muddy field the invisible wishing fairy was proud of his accomplishments. Three wishes granted in just one day!


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