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Don’t Think I Can Eat That Much

Anthony had always been jealous of women. They were just so beautiful. So he went into the TG Restaurant. He pondered over the menu for quite a while. He decided on the small fries due to the fact that he was never a big eater and didn’t think he could eat an entire burger.
Anthony shrunk and became a small bodied red head female upon eating his meal. Anthony became Amy and she simply loves her life and loves the looks she gets for simply being so sexy.

Just one slice

Jacob and Aiden friendship had endured many years. They were as close as soap and sponge. However, Aiden would ditch his friend in an instant for a beautiful woman. Aiden loved women however none loved him. Jacob was his closest friend. So Aiden decided to make Jacob his woman. He went to the TG Restaurant and bought a curvy cake then he took it to Jacob.
Jacob didn’t want the cake. He claimed he wasn’t hungry. However, Aiden begged and pleaded until he tried a piece. Little did Jacob know that that single piece of cake would change his life.
Jacob ate the slice and complimented Aiden for his taste in cakes. Jacob was curious as to why Aiden didn’t have a piece. But then the question was answered. Jacob began transforming into a woman. He shrunk and grew curves and striking red hair. Soon his third leg had diminished and he, or she, was a fully pledged woman.
Jacob was furious with his, her, friend. She couldn’t believe that he could do this to her. Aiden tried to convince Jacob that she should embrace the change but it wasn’t going to happen, or at least that is what Jacob thought. Read more

Mexican food with a side of booty

The TG restaurant was a bizarre place. Some avoided it in the fear of changing their bodies while others raced there in mere excitement as they wanted to change their bodies.
Chris saw the new food place as the perfect opportunity to experience life as a woman. He went in and pondered over the menu for almost an hour. He was unsure of wether he wanted to be a teen, milf, slut, have a big ass, big tits, be curvy or be slim. In the end the main factor in his decision was sitting. He assumed that women with big rear-ends find it extremely comfortable due to their extra cushioning.
So Chris ordered the Booty Burrito. Chris found the Burrito quite yummy but the changes to his body were delicious. He soon became a beautiful blonde with a big round soft ass. Chris chose her new name to be Clara. And ran to the bathroom to observe her changes. She couldn’t stop looking at her spectacular ass and couldn’t wait to find tight clothes that would show it off. Read more


Dominik was the daring type. He was not one to shy away from a challenge and loved to take risks no matter how big or small.
The TG restaurant was the perfect arena to display his courage. He strode in sat down and told the waitress to give him whatever she thought would suit. The waitress walked away and less than a minute later came back with a Milf Milkshake but she referred to it is a Milfshake.
Dominik almost finished the drink in one gulp. His body morphed rapidly. Within a matter of seconds he had blonde hair, long feminine legs, breasts and a vagina to suit. Dominik ran to the bathroom to observe the new form. It was then that Dominik was stopped by the waitress. Dominik had ran to the male bathroom out of habit and the waitress pointed him, or her, towards the female bathroom.
Dominik observed her body and decided that she would be Danika. Then the waitress walked in with a pink dress and told her to put it on and apologised that she couldn’t find a bra.
Danika caught a taxi home and began her new life.

Couldn’t Be Happier

Connor must of been the first in the door of the TG Restaurant. Being female had been a long-lasting desire for him and now he could experience it at a cheap price. He ordered the Teen Thick Shake.
His body changed from the first gulp and he came a cute blonde teenage girl with full breasts. Connor chose to now be identified as Carla and she couldn’t be happier with her new form.