Megan Love Dixon Part 9

Craig Woodward was a salesman at the local mall, and was very outspoken, almost too much so. Megan was shopping there for a new dress, when Craig asked for her name. She just said Megan, and she was looking for something over the knee in floral. Craig helped her out, and seemed very kind and polite. Megan was thinking that finally she had met a guy other than her husband Randy, that was decent to her. Then came the payment at the counter.

Craig looked on Megan’s debit card, and it had her name, Megan L Dixon, and of course Craig just had to ask about that middle initial, “So what does the L stand for?”

Megan, thinking he was decent enough to tell, spoke to the salesman about it, “If you really must know, it’s Megan Love Dixon. Okay? There I said it. I know the name is a bit off, but that’s what happened when I got married.”

Craig couldn’t resist and just had to comment, “That’s a full name I wouldn’t announce to just anyone. I mean I would think you had a porn name if I heard that! But the dress you bought certainly means you are more of a proper lady than a porn star, but the name does give the wrong idea. Kind of sends that vibe like you like the dicks if you know what I mean, in a slutty way.”

Megan replied, “You need to shut up now okay?”

Craig responded, “I need to shut up now? I was merely stating a fact. With a name like that one might think you were a SLUT!”

Megan said, “That’s it.”

She casted the poetic justice spell on Craig, and suddenly he found himself being held up by big strong hands by the legs, legs encased in a tight silky fabric and feet perched in some strange shoes, as a pleasurable pressure was inside him in a place he shouldn’t have! Craig soon realized he had long hair, huge breasts, and a pussy being penetrated by some guy he was riding! The cock felt huge inside him, and the pleasure intense!

The man said, “Oh, uh, oh, Clarissa, you, uh, are, uh, one, hot, fuck! Clarissa, uh, Jackie, uh, Woodward, you can take, uh, my, uh, ‘woodward’ anytime you want babe! OH!!!”

At that point, the man came inside the new Clarissa, as she felt the hot load of a man go up and inside her! The man finally let her get off, and Clarissa screamed, of what just happened, becoming a woman, and having sex with a man. Then she seen who this man was, Jeffry, his best buddy. He tried to plead he was Craig, but the man said, he didn’t know a Craig. He was told he was Clarissa, his fiancée, and they were getting married next month!

Clarissa looked in the mirror in astonishment, as cum dripped down her nylon clad right leg with the heels pinching her toes! The breast weight was immense, and Clarissa couldn’t walk straight after this huge cock was in her, and the heels being so high as well, along with her new center of balance! Another check, and she seen and felt her new large round ass as well, she had a huge booty! All of this was taking place in the backroom lounge area at the store, and Megan walked in to check on her handiwork after hearing the sex. Job well done she thought to herself.


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