Anything for Sister

I would do anything for my sister. I had believed that my whole life and as it turns out its true. When my sister got the opportunity to study in Antarctica I was thrilled for her but she was worried. She told me she didn’t think her husband Mike could go that long without sex since she would be gone for three years. I told her Mike would just get used to his hand but she had a different idea. She begged me to take gender change pills and be Mike’s live in housekeeper/sex outlet. I tried to refuse but my sister begged and once the tears started flowing I reluctantly agreed.

A week before she was set to leave my sister had me take my first pill so that she could show me what Mike liked. We were going over my new female body when Mike walked in butt naked. I was so embarrassed, not only to be seen like I was but also because Mike’s big cock was not only bigger than mine but I couldn’t help but be aroused in this new body. My sister didn’t seem surprised to see him though and she explained that she had invited him to come “test drive me”. I was humiliated but a few minutes later I was on my hands and knees waiting for Mike to pop my cherry. I was shocked when instead of sticking it in my pussy he slowly put his cock up my ass. I couldn’t speak a word of protest I was in total shock. “How do you like her baby?” my sister asked. “She’s not as good as you but she’ll do” Mike replied. My sister smiled and said she had to go get something and left us alone. “You know your sister won’t let me fuck her ass.” Mike whispered in my ear. “ughhh” was all I managed as he thrust back into me after slowly sliding half way out. “We are going to have a fun three years.”
“Oh my…” I managed between gasping breaths
“Smile” came my sister’s voice and as I turned to look at her a flash of light filled my eyes. Mike kept thrusting in and out of me. “Sorry but I need some insurance for Mike in case you get cold feet once I’m gone. If you ever try and change back or leave him he can show the world this picture of you taking it like a bitch.” She kept talking but I couldn’t focus anymore as Mike picked up the pace. Why she thought I needed to be blackmailed I didn’t know, I’d never felt like this before and I wasn’t planning on going back any time soon.


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