Paradise Line

Writer’s Note: No, despite the title, this has NOTHING to do with trains. And yes Roaster, this is for you.

I had just earned a month trip to a beautiful beach resort/fancy living area. Not only are the hotels expensive as all hell, but only the richest of the rich are able to live here. The hotel had everything anybody could want from a hotel. My room was at least 3 times bigger than my apartment, and room service was fast and efficient. There was only one catch to me staying here: I took a position for a volunteer for an experiment, and I would get to stay here for a month if I took full part in it. All I had to do is test out their newly-developed drug, named 186X.

As I climbed into bed after my first day, I took the pill with a glass of water as instructed and fell to sleep almost instantly. As I woke up the next morning, my yawn sounded overly feminine. I looked down at myself, and was surprised to find myself a beautiful, curvy, busty woman! I probably would have screamed if it weren’t for my morbid curiosity taking over, as I began to finger my new slit. I orgasmed with pleasure, and despite going at it for almot an hour, I wasn’t getting tired! After that wonderful session, I looked by my hotel door to see a note taped onto it.

“Dear Mendel,

We had checked on you this morning to find that the test was a resounding success. In fact, the pill was meant to gradually turn one into a woman over a period of one month, but because of all of the tests showing us otherwise, we decided to give you and the other subjects lifetime passes here, provided by us from the resort staff themselves, free of charge. You may have noticed that you will have an abnormal amount of libido residing in you, but that was something we could not get a handle on during drug development. You should be able to control the feeling, but our doctors recommend that you engage in sexual activity at least once a day in order to calm those feelings down a bit.
There will be a party for all of the test subjects hosted in room 4567J this evening. We hope you can make it, as every man now turned bombshell has retained their sexual preference towards woman, as have you. We hope you’ll have a fun time there, and that entire room is soundproofed, so don’t worry about making noise, if you know what I mean. Cheers!

-Leah, CEO of XYZ Drug Development Inc.”

I’m gonna have some fun tonight, baby!


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