Megan Love Dixon Part 3

Later at the bathroom at a party Randy and Megan attended, Megan was just leaving the bathroom, as Tad walked in with a big mouth.

“So, Megan, I’m surprised your not in here with Randy,” said Tad smiling.

“What do you mean by that, Tad,” asked Megan.

“I mean you are, after all, Megan Love Dixon, I thought if you ‘love dixon’ so much you would have his on you, or someone else’s, maybe even mine perhaps. I won’t tell anyone, but your name is so sexy, so porn starish, that turns me onto you. I’d get out my big ‘dixon’ and put my seed all over you baby sexy,” said Tad.

Megan wasted no time and casted the poetic justice spell on this perverted male. He got back what he had done, as he went to the urinal. Suddenly he felt weight on his chest, smaller, shorter and skinnier, with something long and heavy hanging from the back of his head swishing around too! He also smelled something, it smelled like sex… like cum! He felt wet all over and looked down to see he had huge boobs, and a fishnet body stocking on, covered in hot cum! He tried to rub off the cum and noticed his long pink nails on tiny hands he was now using to do this with! He grabbed at that hanging weight and found it was a long blonde ponytail! He yelped a bit and heard his new voice, grabbing his throat with cum on his hands. He hefted the boobs, then reached for the crotch finding a very wet pussy.

Then three men came out of the bedroom that lead to that same bathroom, and one said, “Wow, Tatiana, you are one hot mess. WE did a number on you baby sexy! No wonder your name is Tatiana Lolotta Lotion, you love to wear that ‘lotion’ all over you! We’ll have to do this again sometime, Miss Lotion!”

Megan went back to the bathroom from the hallway entrance she came in earlier and checked on her handiwork. She found a cum covered blonde slut, who claimed she was Tad! Megan just smiled and walked away, another poetic justice was served!


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