Trying the spell 5

It had been two days since Johnny possessed his best mate’s moms body and he’s enjoyed every last minute of it. He had to call in sick twice but it was okay because she owned her own business and therefore could have time off pretty much whenever she wanted. This meant that Johnny had two days to do whatever he wanted and what he wanted to do was pleasure himself using Mrs. Swanson’s body to his heart’s content. He spent the days while James was at school dressing up and roleplaying as Mrs. Swanson even going out shopping to the mall and buying some kinky lingerie and a dildo of which he used to pleasure himself through the night while James was asleep. In fact, Johnny was quite surprised James hadn’t called him out yet. Johnny had told him that he would probably be in someone’s body over the next few days but he thought he’d have noticed his mom’s lack of hygiene and her new ignorance when it came to cooking tea, Johnny simply telling James to cook it himself then disappearing back into Mrs. Swanson’s bedroom. He’d also rung up his own mom telling her that ‘Johnny’ was “staying at theirs for the next few days to do a school project”, his mom totally bought it which meant that Johnny had 100% freedom to have as much fun as he wanted in Mrs. Swanson’s body. And that he had. But Johnny had been in her body for a long time now and knew that either James was going to spot his mom’s weird behavior or his own mom would be wondering when he was coming home. So Johnny decided that it was time to leave her body. So he got in the bath and had one last celebratory masturbation session before cleaning off her body thoroughly. He figured that if she found herself in the bath she wouldn’t be concerned since when he possessed her she had just gotten out of the bath. So as he took his last gropes of her huge breasts he recited the reverse spell. Mrs. Swanson’s body froze momentarily as she regained control. Her hand’s unconsciously carried on the motion that Johnny had been doing grabbing at her breasts before then realizing what she was doing. She looked down at her breasts wondering how she’d gotten to where she was. Looking up she glanced at the clock. ’21:42’ it read. ”What?” She said to herself completely confused. She’d gotten in the bath at 14:00, had she really been in it for nearly 8 hours she thought. She arose from the tub grabbing a towel. As she dried her body, which for some reason was now sore in certain intimate places, she tried to figure out how on earth she had completely forgotten 8 hours of her life. Little did she know right now that it had actually been 55 hours that she’d lost. Johnny laughed thinking about what her reaction would be when she discovered this as he walked the mile home looking forward to the comfort of his bedroom.


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