Shower Curse

Liam walked into the apartment he shared with his roommates Terry and Chris and froze. It was quiet. Too quiet….He had a very strange feeling about this. As he walked inwards he heard giggling coming from the bathroom. Feminine giggling. He frowned in thought. Did Chris or Terry have a date tonight? It sounded like there was more than one girl in there……

Walking up to the doorway he paused briefly and uncomfortably, then knocked on it. “Come in!” called two separate female voices. He walked in and stared at the pair of naked blondes in the shower. “Wha…..who are you?”

“I’m Terri and this is Chelsea. We’ve been having fun in here. Care to join us?” The one on the left asked raising her eyebrows. The one on the right raised hers as well and shrugged. Liam immediately began stripping off his clothes as the two girls looked at each other and grinned. Too bad they didn’t remember the curse the girl Terri had over last night left on the shower—anybody who had sex in there transformed permanently, and their minds were altered…..


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