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MAU – You will like it

“Let me change you just once! Pretty please! Pretty pretty please!”
Caroline have tried to convince her boyfriend to let her decide what her boyfriend David should look like, using the Morphic Adaptation Unit. She have been on him most of the day and his willpower to resist was crumbling. Read more

Willing Women

“See? She is willing and all ready for ya”, Danielle told you, whilst parting Lana´s buttcheecks, as you licked your lips in anticipation. Read more

Vaginal penetration possession

Enjoy it while it last, Ava. Because when your orgasm starts to roll over you, your body´s defences will be lowered and I can make my way in. You wouldn´t be the first that I´ve possessed like this, entering my gelatinous goo form and then restructuring as an dildo, waiting for you to find me. I knew that you couldn´t resist a new and shiny toy.
As soon as your body start to spasm I will glide fully inside and shoot out my tendrils and take over your neural pathways.
Your body will be mine.

Radioactive 1

John was a successful scientist. Now, he is Joanne.
When John and his friend Kevin tried to create a new source of energy,
John accidentally spilled some radioactive chemicals on him.
Suddenly, his clothes began to melt away, and his body started to ache and he got unconscious.
When he woke up, his chest was swelling and his cock was gone.
When Kevin came to help, the toxic chemical’s air drugged him, and Kevin couldn’t think.
Kevin just stood there and fell on his knees.
Then, he stroked John’s vagina and poured some more chemicals on him.
After John contacted the chemicals for the second time, he fainted in pain.

Sharing shapeshifter

The boy and a young woman sat in the room of a young teen. On the walls there were posters of various bands, in the corner a tv with a console demanded attention. The bed was unkempt and piles of clothes was dotted across the room. Read more

Pink spot

“I’ll be in the next room making a call, but just wait here for a few minutes, i’ll be right back” my friend James said. I sat on the brown couch. I could hear James talking to someone on the phone. I looked up and saw a small pink dot on the ceiling. It looked like a piece of gum was stuck there. It then started dripping. “It looks like paint” I said. I was looking at the drops falling and the stain it was leaving on the rug, when I noticed the “paint” had a flower odor. “It smells like women’s perfume” I said outloud. I stood up and decided to touch one of the drops, It was kind of gooey. I then took a closer look. The smell was even more intense. I noticed the goo on my finger was spreading. I tried to clean my fingers with my own shirt, but I couldn’t. By now, the goo had spread all over my hand. I was about to run to the bathroom, when I felt pain on my hand. I just sat back on the couch, trying to scream, but a goo drop had fallen on my head and had spread through my face too. Read more