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MAU – You will like it

“Let me change you just once! Pretty please! Pretty pretty please!”
Caroline have tried to convince her boyfriend to let her decide what her boyfriend David should look like, using the Morphic Adaptation Unit. She have been on him most of the day and his willpower to resist was crumbling. Read more

Slime Possession

You knew that she come here sooner or later. All you needed was to wait.
The girl Kayla have been your goal from day one, the day you found out about your abilities.
Now you was hanging in the ceiling as an gelatinous blob, waiting to strike out.
All too often she had passed through here with a companion, making it impossible to carry out your plan.

She´s coming! Read more

Vaginal penetration possession

Enjoy it while it last, Ava. Because when your orgasm starts to roll over you, your body´s defences will be lowered and I can make my way in. You wouldn´t be the first that I´ve possessed like this, entering my gelatinous goo form and then restructuring as an dildo, waiting for you to find me. I knew that you couldn´t resist a new and shiny toy.
As soon as your body start to spasm I will glide fully inside and shoot out my tendrils and take over your neural pathways.
Your body will be mine.