MateMakers: Desire

I’m on my knees, can’t see, there’s something over my head that keeps me from seeing anything. I try to struggle, try to break out, but the only thing I manage is to grunt fruitlessly against the gag. I just don’t know what else to do, they’ve been changing me, they…

I just don’t know what I was anymore, the memories fade more every day, my body… I know my body is somehow female, and I’m sure it shouldn’t be that way. These people… whatever it is they’re doing, I gotta get away as soon as I can.

“Why is she wearing a bag over her head?” The voice is new, it’s not one of the ones that had ‘molded’ me. I struggle more, but the bonds hold tightly.

“She’ll imprint on the first person she sees.” This one I knew, the bastard was the one… the one that had taken me in, kidnapped me. “Now that we’ve confirmed the received payment, would you want to issue a catalyst?”

“Catalyst?” I was as confused as this new person was, what did they mean by it?

“Just imagine, if you were to describe the personality of the mate you wish to have with one word, what word would it be?” I feel something hard and metallic press against the back of my head, I struggle again, but the hands holding me in place are stronger.

There’s an amused chuckle from this other person. “Fine then: ‘Desire’.”

Everything happens so quickly after that, my brain begins to burn as ‘something’ makes its way inside, the bag is lifted from my head, and my captors let me go as I take the briefest glimpse at the suit wearing man before my feet were dashing under me without so much as a thought. I’m half blind as I stumble, seeking freedom at last.

But something’s not right, my steps begin to slow down no sooner had I taken a dozen, I shake my head as a ringing overcomes me, five steps more and I stop, my body shudders as a thought makes its way through, my soft feminine hands trail over my skin. I moan softly, the erotic sound causing my nipples to harden. Slowly, I turn around.

There he stands, and I freeze on the spot, unable to take my eyes off of the stranger. His short brown hair, pasty pale skin, firm manly shoulders… without thought, my hands trail over my body, and I look at him as all of a sudden I get this unwavering truth struck through my very core.

I’m a woman.

The man’s eyes look into mine and I feel my pussy light up with sparks, taking one step and then the next in his direction. Every move of my body strokes the growing heat within me, the knowledge of my femininity amplifies it further, and the thought of what this hunk of a male could do to it simply erases all prospect of escape from within me.

Softly, my hand touches his chest, tingles run up my manicures fingertips. “Hello handsome.” I breathlessly call at him with a husky voice, almost moaning the words out. “See anything you like?” I wink.

“What… what’s your name?” He shudders, clearly liking what I’m doing, and I practically melt as his voice struck a chord within me that brought out a moan out of me.

I lean against him, my body pressing firmly against his own as I grind slowly, the feeling making me shudder. The memory of my former life is simply shoved away in favor of these new sensations. “My name’s whatever you want it to be.”

Looking into his eyes, I place a finger against his lips before he can speak, replacing it with my own, openly moaning down his throat as I feel his hardness press against me through his pants. This was going to be fun.

AN: What do you want the next catalyst word to be?


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