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The Company Store

“Mr. Talbot?” I asked politely.
“Yes, Veronica?” he responded.
“I’ve been working here for about 6 months now, and I was wondering where my debt stands now. Uh, sir?” I said, trying to be polite and deferential as the large suited man looked down at me. Read more

Hiromi’s Body

“What’s with the face?” Kim asked
“Please turn me back to my body..” Cole plead to Kim
“After I found you having sex with her? You cheated on me!”
“I swear it won’t happen again…”
“No! I won’t swap you back before you learn your lesson.” Read more

The Program

I was browsing my email when I stumbled upon one with the subject “Dislike your life? Change it now!” I normally wouldn’t open these but I decided to just for a laugh and my computer immediately downloaded and opened a program.
As it did, my webcam lit up for a brief second and the program then showed a 3D model of me with sliders to modify body and mind. Curiously I moved the hair slider and my hair fell down in front of my face blocking the screen.
Amazed, I called my friend into the room. After showing him what it could do, he wanted to try it out. I handed him my laptop while he looked at the program. “So Alex, if I just click something it changes you?” He asked.
“Yeah I guess, I don’t know how it works though.” I replied. He nodded then clicked something. I instantly felt different and looked down, he turned me into a woman!
“Wow it worked! I mean I figured it would but to actually see it..wow!” He said. “This is amazing and all, but can you change me back?” I ask. “Yeah Alex, give me a second…”
*CLICK* I felt different again. I looked around but I didn’t notice any change. “What’d you do?” I asked curiously. “Nothing Ana..” He replied still using the program. Ana? My name is….Ana…
*CLICK* Hmmm…now I feel…better? “I really think you’re doing something….” I said. “I might be doing a thing or two..” He said. I wondered what he was doing.
*CLICK* Mmm….I never noticed how good my friend looked…
*CLICK* I want him so bad….
*CLICK* I need him… “Ana how are you feeling?” He asked curiously. “I…I need you…” I said. “You need me? How?” He asked me. “I..need you to fuck me…” I almost begged.
“Just one more thing then Ana.” He said. *CLICK* “Please Master…fuck me…” I said begging him. “Come here.” He said pulling me in and kissing me.
We held that embrace for a few minutes then he typed something into the laptop and suddenly I was collared with a leash. He threw me down on the bed and started to fuck me.
“Who owns you, Ana?” He said slapping my ass as he fucked me. “You own me, Master I’m yours!” I moaned. We fucked for an hour, trying out new positions.
After he finished he went back to the laptop. *CLICK* I love my Master and I’m glad we’ve been together so long. I just wish he’d spend less time on his laptop…

Orange Glow

The transformation could only be described as magic. I saw my friend James veins glow orange, and in mere seconds, his body went from a 34 year old chubby guy, into a 26 year old woman. The changes started when he wore the metallic collar. Read more

MateMakers: Desire

I’m on my knees, can’t see, there’s something over my head that keeps me from seeing anything. I try to struggle, try to break out, but the only thing I manage is to grunt fruitlessly against the gag. I just don’t know what else to do, they’ve been changing me, they… Read more

Calling a friend

I knew I shouldn’t have picked that stupid “Kitty” collar. I don’t know why I felt like touching it, but as soon as I did, I felt like wearing it. And as expected, as soon as I wore it, I transformed into a sexy 22 year old woman. Breast expanded, equipment deflated and retracted into my own body, you know, the whole deal. It took about 5 minutes. But when it was done, I felt the need to explore my new body. It wasn’t enough, I needed something better, I wanted more. So I took a picture of myself, and sent it to you. So, do you want to try out my new body? Read more