Meet Ellie

“Perfect! You look gorgeous” Helen clapped her hands in excitment looking at he pretty girl sitting before her. “Thank you Mrs. Jones” Ellie smiled. “Cute and well mannered” Helen said. “Now i will introduce you to my son. Colin! Come down for a moment!” Helen yeeled. “Coming” Colin went downstairs. “What is it about” Colin asked and focused his eyes on their guest. “Colin, this is Ellie our new neighboor. You will be in the same class so i hoped you could show her a few things around” Helen said. “Sure” Colin was blushing a little bit. He was nervous to be around such pretty girl. “Great! I’ll leave you two alone for now” Helen said and left.

“This is great, the spell really can do amazing things” Helen thought pouring herself some coffee. She was going through a divorce recently since she found out her husband James was cheating. Jemes was mad and promised Helen he will ruin her financially. Knowing his lawyers he had a big chance in doing so. Helen had to act. She got a spell from a witch, who promised her it will take away her problem, she just needs to cast it on her husband. Helen did so and before her eyes her husband transformed into a pretty teenage girl. Helen didn’t expect such an outcome but it was good. She got rid of her husband and her son has now a new friend.


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