Mandatory possibilities

Toby was initially upset. After years of talking, government bureaucrats had decided to solve sexism once and for all. Or that was their claim anyways. After that alien ship crashed on Earth with all of it’s weird and unbelievable technology, they thought they knew how.

Every high school senior would be required to swap their gender for their last six months of high school. The technology was already in use in some places recreationally, but to force everyone to use it? It seemed extreme.

And Toby was in the first class that would have to under go the procedure. He was really upset, he’d just started dating Melissa Kendall and things were going well. They’d only gotten to first base, but he’d been optimistic it would go further. He was really looking forward to playing with her boobs.

Instead he went to school, got in line, and when it came his turn, *ZZAP*, he had tits of his own.

His attitude started to change the instant he looked down though. He had his own boobs now, and they were pretty nice. Just looking at them made him feel… He was pretty sure he was turning himself on. A fact confirmed when he finally got home and was able to explore in his room in detail. Squeezing his tits and fingering himself, he realized it might not be so bad.

Then he got an email from Melissa, who had also undergone the procedure. It was just a picture of an erect penis and the text “it won’t go down!”

Toby suddenly realized if he showed Melissa how awesome a blowjob felt, she’d have to do him when they changed back, right? Plus, for some reason looking at Melissa’s dick pick was making her horny again…

Twenty minutes later they were alone in Melissa’s room, Toby wearing some clothes his mother had bought, and Melissa wearing nothing at all…


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